PRIMEVAL (UK) Series 5 Episode 3 Review

Primeval 503

PRIMEVAL Series 5 Episode 3 – Remember how in last week’s episode Matt found out Emily’s fate back in the Victorian era? Well this week’s anomaly handily linked to 1868, the year – nay, even the day – Emily was committed to Bedlam. After stopping a raptor in an art installation and accidentally ushering it through the anomaly into Victorian times, Matt decides to follow and capture it before it can kill anyone.

Of course, he finds Emily there. She’s a kickass dino hunter with a husband who thinks she’s both a bit of a tart and a bit insane. They spend the episode trying to find the raptor and keep Emily out of Bedlam. And you know what? It goes surprisingly well. The raptor is easy to find (hell, it finds Emily at one point) and they stun it after a fun little action scene involving a whip and some blades, and that is that. A sad goodbye and Matt is gone.

If Emily had been the same woman we met back in series 4, I would have wanted the episode to end there with her stuck in 1868 and possibly still headed for Bedlam, instead of the ending we got with her coming through the anomaly and her husband being killed. But the Emily we met in this episode was a little bit sharper and lot of sexy. Come on – who didn’t love her whipping out those two blades and looking totally badass? I’m not sure my love for her will extend past this episode – I don’t think Lester would be down with her wielding machetes instead of a stun gun, no matter how good she looks – but I hope she still keeps that badass edge.

She’ll help bulk out the ARC team now that Connor is stuck working on the New Dawn project. Matt, Abby and Becker just don’t look like a good team – maybe it’s an even numbers thing. Speaking of Becker, his little action man routine ended in one of two little issues I had with this week’s episode. Dear director/SFX folk, you may want to line everything up so that Becker is jumping out of the dino’s way, not jumping in front of it inexplicably. Also, while it was obvious they meant the dino committed the murders blamed on Spring-Heeled Jack but it was disguised!Emily who was spotted and called Spring-Heeled Jack, it was still phrased by the characters in such a way that the two things didn’t seem related. Those are very minor quibbles though.

The most important point of this week’s episode wasn’t Emily’s return but the completion of Connor’s secret project. What was he doing to aid Philip and New Dawn? Creating manmade anomalies, of course!

Connor: “Philip, we did it. We made history.”

But what will happen next? Presumably they can create these anomalies with a specific destination, allowing movement through time at will – but what does this mean for the ARC team and the world at large? I’m sure Matt will fill us in on specifics soon enough, but the picture of earth’s future painted in series 4 doesn’t bode well for mankind. And as a more immediate – but no less important – concern for us viewers, what will happen with Connor and Abby? Will Connor come to realise Philip isn’t the nice guy he appears to be and that Abby was right all along?

Summary: a great episode. Easily the best of the series so far.

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