WHITE COLLAR “On Guard” Advance Review

White Collar (USA) On Guard

WHITE COLLAR “On Guard” Season 3 Episode 1 – Well this was another great season opener from White Collar. After the finale last season I know everyone was wondering what happened to the art and who (if anyone) stole it. All I can really say about that is that the answer is given to us before the opening credits. By the time those babies roll you will know exactly what happened to the art and who was involved in it.

Sounds like the rest of the episode should be a snooze-fest after that, right? Not at all. In fact that opens up a whole can of worms for a bunch of people.

Considering where things ended last season, it’s no real surprise say that, in this episode, Peter and Neal are not the same Peter and Neal we’ve all come to know and love. Actually, that’s not entirely true. They are individually pretty much the same guys, but it’s the relationship between them that is definitely different.

Peter is in a position he’s not unfamiliar with; having suspicions about Neal but wanting to protect him at the same time. Meanwhile Neal is having some struggles of his own, battling his loyalty for Peter over those things that he’s always wanted. I don’t envy either of them but I was a bit surprised where both of them ended up in the end.

The beginning of the episode answers a bunch of questions, but by the end of the episode there are plenty more yet to be answered. It paints a pretty clear picture about what the main theme of this season is going to be about (unless I am very mistaken), and it’s not exactly one that I would have predicted. But I sure can’t wait to see where it goes from here and what this means for Peter and Neal.

Now on to my favorite (non-spoilery) bits….

Finding out that …somebody…apparently knows how to pilot a plane.

Neal doing some sword fighting…well, sorta.

Peter keeping a souvenir from a rare imperfect moment from Neal.

Somebody driving a really cool car.

“Oh sweet Elivs Costello!”

“Flame is a fickle mistress.”

Neal finds a whole new use for an umbrella and his famous hat.

We get introduced to a new player in the con games and I’m wondering if we’re going to be seeing more of this person as the season goes on.

Watching 60 million dollars come out of a…..oops, can’t say.

“You’re timing is far from impeccable, J. Edgar.”
“Sorry, Amelia.” (trust me, when you see it, you’ll get why I found that hilarious)

Once the episode airs, I hope you’ll come up and let me know what you think. It’s killing me that I can’t say more but one thing I will tell you all is that you won’t be disappointed by this premiere, you can trust me on that one.

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