Thor’s Jaimie Alexander and Peter Stormare Are Heading to COVERT AFFAIRS

jaimie alexander peter stormare
In addition to premiering tonight, COVERT AFFAIRS has also scored a couple of exciting guest stars for its second season, which are Jaimie Alexander (Thor, Kyle XY) and Peter Stormare (Prison Break).

According to THR, Jaimie Alexander will be appearing in three episodes this season playing the character of Reva Kline, a new tech, “who was the youngest person to ever land a project in the CIA’s Directorate of Science & Technology.” She will be paired up with Annie who will have to deal with Reva’s less than social personality.

As for Stormare, he will be playing the role of Max Kupala, an officer in the Belarusian Secret Police. He will appear in episode 7 airing on July 12th.

Here’s another fun fact, Jaimie Alexander and Peter Stormare will cross path as Stormare’s character will be the leader of a kidnapping team, who abduct no other than Annie and Reva. Can’t wait to find out how Annie gets out of this one.

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