TEEN WOLF “Second Chance at First Line” Review

Teen Wolf (MTV) - Second Chance at First Line

TEEN WOLF “Second Chance at First Line” Season 1 Episode 2 – Just shoot me with an arrow now. After being pleasantly surprised by TEEN WOLF‘s premiere episode, I thought this would be an entertaining, lightweight summer show. But the second episode, “Second Chance at First Line,” has already left me more bored than anything else. Scott came off as incredibly stupid tonight, though still pretty adorable in his love-struck goofiness. It may have been this foolish vibe that made Tyler Posey’s acting seem far worse than it was in “Wolf Moon,” where his acting was less forced and much more natural. At the moment, Stiles is the best part of the show. His enthusiasm for Scott’s wolf predicament, for learning about all things wolf related, along with his teenage foot in the mouth tendencies, is really fun and infectious. At least Dylan O’Brien doesn’t visibly seem to be trying too hard when he acts.

Darn that slow internet connection! I was expecting Stiles to play some sort of juvenile joke when Scott gets jumped by Derek. Then there is that lovely prolonged shot of the dead body. Note to self: turn on the light while watching next week. Though in all honesty, the self-imposed darkness created the few interesting, creepy moments for me during “Second Chance at First Line.”

When all else fails, bring in Tyler Hoechlin as eye candy. So far there is glowering Derek and slam you against the wall Derek. How can he pop in and out without being seen? And why does he do that?

The dead girl can turn into an actual wolf! I wish Scott could, too. The dead girl is Laura Hale, Derek’s sister! I’m just glad the scene in the morgue didn’t call for Scott to sniff her feet or act in some blatantly wolf manner.

For the story’s sake, the show needs to delve into the myth/legend/history of wolves and wolf hunters, both in general and in their town.

It seems wolf hunters can’t sense their prey. But if Scott keeps acting weird around Allison’s father, he might as well just tell him he’s having wolf issues. The kiss between Allison and Scott seemed kind of awkward.

Lacrosse does not comes across as all that exciting on TV, or the way it was filmed anyways. Let the hating of Lydia and Jackson begin!

Admittedly it is only the second episode, so I shouldn’t make any rash or final opinions yet. We can only hope that the story, dialogue and acting will improve, or at least not get any worse, through the season. What did you think of episode 2 “Second Chance at First Line” of Teen Wolf? Comment below.