NURSE JACKIE “Fuck The Lemurs” Season 3 Episode 10 Review

NURSE JACKIE "Fuck The Lemurs" Season 3 Episode 10 (3)

NURSE JACKIE “Fuck The Lemurs” Season 3 Episode 10 – Every once in a while, you think Nurse Jackie is going to take a huge leap forward in plot. It feels poised, all the right bits are falling into place…

And somehow nothing really momentous happens. This is usually because Jackie (Edie Falco, once more showing her depth) is able to slip away from the hangman’s noose, time and time again. She’s a bit of an eel, our Jackie.

Not this time though. This time it was Dr. Eleanor O’Hara (Eve Best) who seemed poised, more than a few times, to wrench the story forward. First with her “disagreement” with Jackie (and I loved how the nurses and M.A.’s basically quaked in fear at the thought), then with her faux seduction of Coop (a fascinatingly obtuse Peter Facinelli). That scene in Coop’s office alone was worth the price of admission. I’m not saying British accents are sexy (of course I am), but dayamn. It was sort of like I’d never seen O’Hara in that sort of… seductive… light—and neither had Coop.

So for once we were on the same mental level, ol’ Coop and I. Both kind of left blinking and going, “What was that?

It’s great how they use Coop, though. I worked in a hospital for over six years, so I know the mentality of certain doctors. And some are O’Hara smart… and others are Cooper smart. Like book smart but really kind of dumb, socially. Even though they think they’re not. He epitomizes that well. Him cracking up at the poor kid with his head stuck through the chair was great.

Zoey: “We need your help with a patient. Dr. Cooper is useless.”

(Yes, 90% of Nurse Jackie jokes are of the “You really had to be there” variety.)

Speaking of Zoey (my fave Merritt Wever)… I think I’ve finally found the one weakness in her acting. Not that I was looking for it. But for a while I was starting to think she could play King Lear, she was so good. She pretty much sucks at crying. What were those, eye drops? Okay.

I still love her oddball relationship with Lenny (Lenny Jacobsen, apparently taking lessons in the Merritt Wever school of acting) (and really, that’s a good thing). They’re sort of sock-and-shoe compatible. “Fuck the lemurs” indeed. (Politically, I’m with Lenny. Let the weak-minded little rat bastards fend for themselves. You want to take up a cause, how about doing something for education in America. Or even the world.)

But the best moments always come back to Jackie, and tonight was really no different. Falco has the look of someone truly dying on the inside when she hears her daughter Grace (Ruby Jerins, basically looking like a female Haley Joel Osment, and starting to show the acting chops too) asking for medication. You can just see it tearing her up. Even at the end—especially at the end—where Grace is experiencing her first “high” …

Poor Jackie. And this is how story usually moves forward on this show. Not with lunges, but with subtle shifts that show us the heart of things.

Damn good show. Even if you don’t think it’s going somewhere… it is. Because the next thing you know, you’re there.

Next week: Jackie back on the stuff? Taking Ruby’s meds? Possibly!

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