MASTERCHEF “Audition 2” Advance Review

MASTERCHEF Season 2 Episode 1 (8)

MASTERCHEF “Audition 2” Season 2, Episode 2 – I got an early peek at the second episode of this season of MasterChef and it’s relatively safe to say that if you’ve seen the premiere, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this episode. Much like the premiere, we’re introduced to some of the contestants through clips showcasing their unique personalities before they go in to have their food be critiqued by Chefs Ramsay, Bastianich and Elliot.

Truth be told, the show has grown on me a bit after watching this second episode. This round of the audition process focused less on setting up the personalities of our chef judges and put more emphasis on the talented home cooks that came up to plate their dishes. The successful home cooks featured this time around were not as whacky as a few of the contenders in the first episode. There are a handful of awkward moments, but they aren’t as frequent or drawn out as they were in the premiere, so the episode flows rather smoothly. Most of these contestants seem like normal people who have an above average knack for food and there were a couple of home cooks that took some seriously impressive risks that I never would have expected to see on a show like MasterChef. I have high expectations for a number of the contestants that picked up aprons in this set, and I think the competition overall is going to be higher than I originally anticipated.

I understand that it makes for more dramatic television to draw out the audition process, but about 20 minutes into the episode I was ready to skip the rest of the auditions and just move on to some challenges. After a while I didn’t want to bother with the people who weren’t going to make the cut, I just wanted to find out about the people who were up to par with the rest of the competition. It had little to do with the contestants themselves – who were generally likeable – and more to do with my wanting to know as soon as possible who passed the taste test and how they would manage under a totally new kind of pressure.

From what I can tell, it will be a while before we actually get to the serious competition and it’s starting to drag on a little. Even if it was another round of auditions this episode was an improvement from the premiere of MasterChef season 2. This time, the MasterChef hopefuls provided enough drama and laughs by simply being their natural selves in front of the cameras and the judges. Their anxiety, excitement and passion translated effortlessly through the screen and there were moments where I was holding my breath with them waiting for that yes or no vote.

The problem of the manufactured drama was still present, particularly in the out of place pep talks to the contestants, the occasional glaring looks, and the overly suspenseful music, but it did not weigh as heavily as it had in the first episode. As a reality competition I feel like the show has taken a step in a positive direction and I think if they let the competition and the competitors carry the show without unnecessarily stirring the pot for drama’s sake, it will continue on that upward trend.