Laurence Fishburne Exits CSI

Well, that’s a news I wasn’t expecting. After being on the show for a little more than two seasons and filling the gap left by William Petersen (aka Grissom), Laurence Fishburne who plays Dr. Raymond Langston, has decided not to renew his contract with the show for another season.

According to Deadline, Fishburne had only renewed his contract for CSI for one season last May, which allowed him to leave the show for this season.

No word on whether he will appear in any episodes of the twelfth season this Fall to wrap up his storyline, which left his character Langston being accused of murder.

In addition, Fishburne’s departure is not the only shake-up for CSI next season, as the series will now air on a new night when it returns this Fall. Instead of its regular Thursday 9pm slot, the show will now air on Wednesdays at 10pm following Criminal Minds.

Thoughts? Are you surprised by Fishburne’s exit from the show? Will you still tune in this Fall?

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