Interview: Lucy Hale For PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 2

lucy hale

With Season 2 of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS just around the corner (premieres Tuesday, June 14, at 8pm), Lucy Hale, who plays the character of Aria, recently took some time to talk about what’s coming up in season 2, if she knows the identity of the mysterious ‘A’, the clothes in the show and more.

Is there something about season two that you can talk about, something that we should be looking forward to?

Lucy Hale: Well, the girls have to go to therapy. There’s sort of a love triangle for Aria, a real love triangle this time. I can’t say who it’s with, but it’s really exciting. Aria and Ezra are trying to form an adult relationship because he’s now no longer her teacher. So, she’s dealing with that. My parents are back together. We’re still trying to figure out what happens to Ian’s body and if he really did in fact kill Alison, if he’s A. All those sorts of questions.

Do you know who A is?

Lucy Hale: No. I don’t think anyone does. I don’t even think the writers know yet. I gave up guessing halfway through the first season. I was like, ‘I don’t ever care.’ It’ll be interesting when it all wraps up, to see who’s behind it all.

How would you describe Aria’s journey in the second season?

Lucy Hale: They don’t really tell us where the season is going, but the girls are put through a lot. ‘A’ is now trying to pit them against each other, but the good thing about the show is that the girls bond is rock solid and they’re friends for life and everything. But in her personal life she’s dealing with her brother who starts to rebel a little bit. She feels a little responsible for that, and like I said, someone else catches her eye and she’s put in a position of, ‘Which way do I go and what do I do?’ That’s about all I know because we literally go script from script and the writers try not to tell us too much to keep us on our toes.

Is there anything positive that we learn about your character this season?

Lucy Hale: I think all in all the moral of the story is every decision you make has a consequence and everything comes back to haunt you and don’t lie. Just don’t lie. Be truthful. I feel like you really get to see these girls grow and they learn. I think that’s a good message for people. They’re each dealing with things aside from the whole A mystery and their friend getting killed. They’re each dealing with their own battles. I’d like to say that they’re setting somewhat of a good message out there.

lucy hale

Is there a storyline that you want Aria to jump into?

Lucy Hale: What’s interesting is that she’s really thrown off guard by this new guy that she’s attracted to. It’s a major part of her storyline this season and it’ll be interesting to see which guy she chooses.

How far into the season are you?

Lucy Hale: We just started the fifth episode.

Do you guys ever go to the writers with ideas for a line you thought of for A?

Lucy Hale: We haven’t. We actually should. They’re so good at what they do. They’re so clever. We’ve got some good ones coming up.

Do you feel the series is staying along the same lines of the book?

Lucy Hale: Especially with this season we’ve gone a different direction, I guess, but there are some things in the book and some that aren’t. There are going to be four new books released and so I don’t know if the show will go along the lines of those books. I’m not sure because I feel like we’re way past what’s happened in the books. We’re almost at the end of the series already in season two. When we’re really done with the whole book series it sort of gives them leeway to do whatever.

Have you read the books?

Lucy Hale: I’ve read seven of eight.

lucy hale

If the series is successful how long do you see it going?

Lucy Hale: We were actually talking about, like, ‘The girls go to Harvard,’ or something. I feel like we’re lucky enough to have even had a second season. I could see it going for a while, but of course you never know. Things change. It’ll be interesting to see. Because the show moves so slow, if you think about it, within the first season the time period was only a month. So it’s like we could very well be going there for a long time.

You said before that your personal style and Aria’s were different, but are they getting closer?

Lucy Hale: I feel like my style might be a little older than Aria’s. She’s still young and experimenting, but yeah, I definitely feel like the wardrobe designer for the show has helped me breakout of my shell a little bit and try things that I wouldn’t necessarily try. Aria takes risks and is the trendsetter and will try things that nobody else has the guts to try. I’d like to say maybe they’re meeting in the middle, mine and Aria’s style.

How much time is spent choosing your wardrobe?

Lucy Hale: We usually have a fitting every week for the episode. Mandi [Line] has it down. She knows what will work and what won’t work. They’re like thirty minute fittings and she has her own idea and plan for each outfit already before we even go in there. She works so hard, and she’s cool because she lets us have some input in it. If we don’t like it she won’t make us wear it.

lucy hale

Norman Buckley had a campaign to get five thousand followers on Twitter and if he did he’d take the production staff out for dinner. Do you know about this?

Lucy Hale: Ooh, he’s coming back soon. So, probably. I think I do remember that one, but we have another one with one of our producers. Lisa. It was actually Ashley [Benson] and Shay [Mitchell] who came up with it. We were like, ‘We can get you up to five thousand followers.’ We drive golf carts around the set. The PA’s that drive us to set, she’s going to get us a pink one and we’re going to write ‘See you later bitches. A –’ on the back of it. It was either that or ‘Eat my dust. A.’

The first one is better.

Lucy Hale: Bitches with anything is great. But she got over five thousand and I think they’re painting it right now. So we’re pretty excited about it.