COVERT AFFAIRS Season 2 Premiere Tonight! – What To Expect

COVERT AFFAIRS Season 2 Episode 1 "Begin the Begin" (4)

After nine months of waiting, COVERT AFFAIRS returns for its second season tonight, June 7, at 10pm on USA.

I got the chance to take an early peek at the premiere episode “Begin the Begin” and wanted to tease a few things that you can expect.

Let me start by first saying that if you were a fan of the show last season, then there is no doubt in my mind that you’re going to love the season 2 premiere. And if you haven’t yet watched the show, well this is your chance as the opening of the episode gets you right into the action, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last season ended with Ben shot and us wondering if he was going to make it. Well, since a clip was released answering that question (which you can watch below), I think it’s ok for me to tell you that yes, Ben Mercer survives and he is back.

To be honest, Ben (Eion Bailey) was probably the main reason I watched season one of the show, because I really wanted him and Annie to be reunited (yes, I’m a romantic at heart). And so I would have been really upset if he wasn’t back.

The opening scene puts us on a beach with Annie and Ben as he is recovering from getting shot. But the calm and quiet of the beach doesn’t last too long as we’re thrown right into a shootout within the first 5 minutes. But it’s Covert Affairs after all, so were we really expecting any less?

I won’t say too much more, but here are things to look forward to:

– We’re getting a new case of the week when Annie is assigned as the new handler for Nadia Levandi, a professional tennis player from Estonia and long-term CIA asset. But not everything is as it seems.

– Fans of Auggie and Annie, you’ll be happy to know that the duo is back working together.

– Annie’s sister, Danielle, is still clueless about what is going on (surprise, surprise). To be honest, I hope they don’t drag this too long, because it could get old pretty fast.

– There is a development with Ben Mercer which will affect his character’s storyline for the rest of the season.

So are you excited Covert Affairs is back? Are you looking forward to seeing more Ben like me?

In the meantime, enjoy a clip from the premiere opening scene and a fun promo.

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