THE KILLING “Missing” Review

The Killing

THE KILLING “Missing” Season 1 Episode 11 – We pick up almost directly after last week’s episode with Linden entering the Indian casino after disembarking from the Adela ferry. Here she speaks to the owner of the casino and an employee, both of whom are cagey. When Linden threatens to start questioning the casino’s patrons, the owner reminds Linden that since the casino is on Indian land they are not under ‘city, state or county jurisdiction’ – and throws her out.

Outside, Linden learns that it could take up to a week to get a warrant to search the casino – but she has an idea. It will take less time to get a warrant for the cameras on the ATMs.

But this is where things veer away from the usual episode set-up. This week we have no Larsens, no Richmond, and very little talk of the case after this point. Instead we’re given a one-episode only plotline – Jack Linden is missing, where could he be?

Linden and Holder spend the day together trying to track down Jack and getting to know more about each other in the process. The eventual wrap up to the mystery is ridiculously simple – he comes home, completely unaware of the anguish he has caused his mother. Where was he? Visiting his father. It seems Linden was wrong – he does want contact with Jack after all.

The episode ends with the ATM CCTV footage coming in and being analyzed by Holder. He sees Rosie Larsen in one of the frames. She was definitely at the casino.

This wasn’t a bad episode by any means. It was interesting to see Linden and Holder becoming more comfortable around each other and there were some great moments, such as when Linden was confronted with the idea that her son may be dead and when Holder called his sister to explain his no-show at the parade.

But it was still a pointless episode. It drew us out of the Larsen mystery completely, and while Linden and Holder got to know each other better, we were only treated to a rehash of information we had heard before. There was more detail in places – like how many homes Linden grew up in while in care – but it wasn’t anything all that important. (And Holder’s incessant pestering about Linden’s ‘moms’ was both out of character and thoroughly annoying.)

To summarize: a decent episode if you’re invested in the personal lives of our two main cops. If you watch for the murder mystery then there were thirty-seven out of forty-three minutes that you could have skipped.

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