TEEN WOLF “Wolf Moon” Review

TEEN WOLF (MTV) - Wolf Moon

TEEN WOLF “Wolf Moon” Season 1 Episode 1 – MTV should have just promoted TEEN WOLF by admitting that they’ve created one too many reality series and wanted to take advantage of the current popularity of all things supernatural and Twilight. I would have tuned in, just based on the fact that writer Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) was inspired by Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Lost Boys. While the Teen Wolf (1985) curve ball may have created false expectations and resulting disappointment for a lot of people, tonight’s premiere episode “Wolf Moon” had all the elements to attract MTV’s core audience. And it does successfully deliver the horror, teen romance, and high school drama that were promised by MTV. I was especially pleased with the comedic elements in the show (Favorite funny moment: What are you doing with the bat, says the guy hanging like a bat) .

Tyler Posey is sweet and charming in the lead role of Scott. He comes off as a natural and likable lacrosse-playing high school student. Dylan O’Brien is also believable as Stiles, Scott’s well-intentioned, fast-talking best friend, though he borders on obnoxious at times. I haven’t fully formed an opinion on new student Allison (Crystal Reed) yet, since the character doesn’t have much to do beyond some posturing in this first episode. And I’m sure we’ll eventually love to hate Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Lydia (Holland Rodan). As dialogue and story lines develop and become more complex, the actors won’t be able to rely on appearance and charisma. Hopefully, they will be able to pull off the acting in future episodes.

“Wolf Moon” maintains a good pace throughout the episode, using different camera perspectives to keep things interesting. When Scott struggles with his transformation into a wolf, shaky/hand-held shooting is used to reflect his physical and emotional changes. Unfortunately, I’m not completely convinced when Posey is going into wolf-mode. When he has “an attack” (and when he was bitten too), why does Scott have to do that hand motion from the “Thriller” dance? His expressions also tend to look more like he is trying to cry, but can’t squeeze out the tears. I’m not even sure what he is feeling – anger, pain? I think Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek leaves a stronger impression as the other wolf, though we don’t even see him become a wolf. Speaking of changing into a wolf, I don’t particularly like the prosthetic makeup and crawling on all fours version. Perhaps Scott hasn’t fully transformed yet? In any case, I would prefer seeing a wolf that is more based on reality. I think a “real wolf” actually would be more menacing than the made up one, which I find distracting to look at.

I’m looking forward to the wolf (Scott) versus wolf hunter (Allison) dynamic, as well as learning about Derek’s background – his family burned to death in a fire! Do you think the bite is a gift? Comment below with your thoughts on the premiere of Teen Wolf.