LAW AND ORDER: CI “Trophy Wine” Review

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Alpha Dog Episode 8007

LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT “Trophy Wine” Season 10 Episode 5 – One thing that’s always struck me about Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and one thing separating it from other Law and Order shows is the very cinematic opening. If they could only get rid of the terrible music, it would be killer (hehe…geddit? Killer? Because it’s a crime show…oh never mind.)

This week deals with the death of a wine taster. After a wine tasting party in his basement, he is bolted shut in his wine storage room where he dies. It turns out that someone gave him a glass of wine laced with Viagra, then locks him in the storage room. You have to give credit to the method. Not bad.

It turns out that he has a “playpen for his call girls” and his marriage with his wife isn’t half as happy as it seems (of course). This brings us into a world of marital affairs and call girls and guys and elaborate prenups and divorce plots.

It’s an episode filled with stars from previous shows. Nathan from Heroes shows up as an absolute snot. “Yeah.I’ll be bidding.” Sal from Mad Men making a nice little appearance as one of the world’s most influential wine critics. That’s some nice casting (on the Sal part, the Nathan stint wasn’t half as remarkable).

“You can’t tell the difference between a burgundy and a Bordeaux!” Ooh. Burn.

The exposition scene with Goren’s therapist cuts into the middle of the case. Suddenly boom! He’s asked about Eames. Does he love her? Just as Law and Order: Criminal Intent starts going down that road, that terrible clichéd road, it takes a u-turn and spins the question into one of loneliness. I admire what the writers are doing with these therapy scene: trying to flesh out Goren, and by extension Eames, even ten seasons into the show. Unfortunately this show is so plot driven that the attempt to give the characters more dimensions don’t work out half as well as it should. Still.clap clap clap clap.

“A millionaire’s death is never simple.” Really?

“The butler did it.” How much fun d’you think the writer and actor had writing and saying that line?

Because the only thing I know about wine is that one is red another is white, I really liked this episode which gave insight into a world I’m completely foreign to. I also love the aggressive policing work done by both Goren and Eames: they make threats and they don’t bullshit about the place. Goren scraping the chair across the floor, then tapping the call girl on the shoulder was better than any line on the show. The ending was incredibly convoluted, but these mysteries so often are. It turns out the disgruntled wife did it, (“I am not a whore.” “No you’re not. You’re a murderer.” Burn.) but I really wish they would cut the crap with the confessions.

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