4 Shows I’m Looking Forward To This Summer

4 Summer Shows

In my last article I talked about my favorite finales of the 2010-2011 regular TV season. Now that I’ve had a little time to recover from some of the more shocking of those episodes, I find myself ready to look forward to the summer season.

You know, I remember before there was such a thing as a summer season. Back when the warm months from the end of May through the beginning of September meant nothing on your TV screen except repeats, movies of the week (many of which being pilots of shows that never got the green light), and maybe some reality TV. Then things began to change. At first it was the cable networks, USA and FX, etc, who started up with a couple of high quality shows to get us through the long summer months. Nowadays though, the major networks have joined in and there’s new stuff popping up all over the place during the dog days of summer.

This year, it feels like there are more new summer shows than ever, and here are just a few that I’m looking forward to watching again this summer.

Royal Pains

Royal Pains (USA) - Whole Lotto Love

Ever since this series started two years ago, I somehow don’t feel like my summer has begun until I see Hank and Evan again. I just love the Hamptons backdrop and every year it makes me want to visit that part of the country more and more. Funny, but with just the right amount of drama, it’s the perfect mix for those long hot days.

White Collar

White Collar

White Collar is one of my favorite shows on TV. Period. It doesn’t matter to me when it airs but since it just happens to premiere every summer, well then it has to be added to my favorite summer show list. As I said in another article, Peter and Neal are one of the best bromances on TV and watching them work together is another thing I look forward to every summer.

Memphis Beat

MEMPHIS BEAT "Don't Be So Cruel"

Though it’s only got one season under its belt, this series is another one where I won’t feel like summer has arrived until I see it on my TV screen again. With a wise- cracking detective who drives a classic car, kicks criminal ass, and sings (yes, I said sings) at the end of every episode, what is there NOT to like about it?

Burn Notice

BURN NOTICE "Breach of Faith"

Set in the town where I was born, Burn Notice was tailor-made for the summer months. With Miami as the sizzling backdrop, it allows for plenty of bathing-suit scenes and shots of people frolicking in the warm ocean. Oh and there’s also a great story there, too, about an ex-secret agent who now uses his ample spy skills to help regular folks beat the bad guys. Oh and he drives a hot classic car, too (you may be sensing a theme here).


Like I said, I remember when there were literally no new shows on during the summer. Funny to think that nowadays I have a hard time keeping a list of my favorites down to five. Every year it seems like we get a few more quality series to wile away the days between the regular season finales and fall premieres. Pretty soon I’m sure the summer months will be just as full of good TV as the fall/spring months are.

So what about you guys? What shows are you looking forward to catching this summer?

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