THE GLADES Season 2 Premiere Advance Review

THE GLADES Family Matters

Hi my name is Eric and I love procedurals.

I mean, I really love them. I love them so much that I know all the mechanics by heart. It’s a gift and a curse. A gift because I can consume an inordinate amount of procedurals in one sitting and a curse because I easily get bored with repetitive formulas. That is why I appreciate shows that manage to take the procedural formula and spin it on its head.

That is exactly what The Glades does.

It is a unique show that has its very unique procedural formula which rests heavily on Matt Passmore’s superb performance as Jim Longworth, a former Chicago homicide detective now Florida resident detective. If you are unfamiliar with Longworth, then you are in for a treat. He is a blend of Columbo and Psych‘s Shawn Spencer as he combines an apparent nonchalance, cluelessness and irreverence which make him an excellent detective. It also makes the show into one of the best procedurals on TV.

In the season 2 premiere of The Glades “Family Matters”, Longworth is trying to find out who killed a cuban mobster’s adoptive daughter in order to avert a deadly gang war. In pure Jim fashion, his investigation ruffles the right amount of feathers while slowly but surely bringing the truth up to the surface. At the same time, Callie, Jim’s love interest, is trying to cope with the return of her husband from jail and the impact it will have on her relationship with Jim.

Longworth is back in full force in this episode but maybe because this is the second season, there is a somewhat different feel to the show. Jim seems more professional and doesn’t cause his trademark chaotic drama in the same way we are used to, although he does create his fair share in this episode. His relationship with Callie also seems stuck on repeat in this episode with the usual “I don’t know what I want” schtick from Callie which sometimes can be frustrating for the viewer.

Overall, this is a good start to the season. If you missed Jim, then you will happy to see him. If you missed the trademark chaotic investigation style, then you might be slightly disappointed as this wasn’t the best episode for that. Still, like I said, I love procedurals like The Glades too much so that’s an automatic season pass with me.

After watching the episode, come back and tell me what you thought in the comment section below.