Gavin Rossdale and David Dayan Fisher Bring Evil Mischief to BURN NOTICE

gavin rossdale-david dayan fisher

USA borrows from CBS’ guest list as the network casts for its series BURN NOTICE. Gavin Rossdale and David Dayan Fisher have signed on to guest star in the original drama, according to

Rossdale (lead singer of Bush and Gwen Stefani’s husband) will play Armand, “a wealthy and powerful villain with a hand in nefarious projects all over the world.” Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) approaches him for assistance, but he’ll only help on the condition that she works with him on a major heist. British actor Fisher will play “a ruthless and ambitious mercenary” on the show.

Rossdale had a guest role as a rock star vampire on CBS’ Criminal Minds, while Fisher has a recurring role on NCIS, playing Trent Kort.

Season 5 of Burn Notice premieres on June 23. Rossdale and Fisher will appear in the eighth episode of the season.

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