DOCTOR WHO “The Almost People” Review

DOCTOR WHO “The Almost People” Season 6, Episode 6 – After the mind blowing developments in the last 5 minutes of this Doctor Who episode, it’s kind of difficult to want to talk about anything else but I’ll do my best and get to all that in a bit.

We picked up right where we left off from last week with The Doctor and Ganger Doctor working side by side. I loved the moment Ganger Doctor went through all of the past regenerations of The Doctor. That moment was a great example of why I’ve come to adore Matt Smith as The Doctor in his own right. He’s got an incredible ability to make me feel a roller coaster of emotions in the blink of an eye. No matter how much time I spend watching him, I feel like I’ll never really know him. In one moment he’s brilliant, funny and adorable and within seconds he’s creepy, dark and terrifying. Somehow I’m in love with The Doctor and equally frightened of him which is exactly how I think I would feel if I had met The Doctor in real life. It was thrilling to watch him ramble through the lines from previous Doctors and to hear some old voices come out of his mouth. The bit with the 10th’s voice coming through and saying “Hello, I’m The Doctor” only to have 11th’s voice return and shout “No! Let it go! We’ve moved on!” was total brilliance.

I didn’t really consider the possibility that The Doctor and Ganger Doctor might have switched shoes until they had split up. My best guess is that they did the shoe swap while they were working behind the console which would likely mean that Amy accidentally told The Doctor about his future death. River had been so adamant that they not tell The Doctor about his future, but upon hearing it, The Doctor didn’t seem too concerned with the news of his death. In that moment he was much more preoccupied with the feelings of the Flesh that he had begun to sense and understand. Had Amy, Rory and River been walking on eggshells unnecessarily? Or was The Doctor covering up his reaction by redirecting his emotions into a rant about the suffering of the Flesh?

The Doctor knowing the ins and outs of the monastery made a little more sense, although it probably won’t be until next week that we get a better view of the bigger picture. The Doctor explains that he had come to this point in time to research the early origins of The Flesh and to learn how to break the connection between the Ganger and its operator. It seems he’s known he had been traveling with Ganger Amy (presumably for roughly nine months) but he needed to understand the origins of The Flesh to understand how to appropriately handle it. Since he had spent so much time understanding the suffering of the Flesh, I assume he was looking to find a way to break the connection without causing suffering to the Flesh avatar.

The Gangers created in the monastery during the solar storm were an anomaly capable of independent thought without an operator. Had they all been allowed to live, they would have been capable of having independent lives making different choices than their operators. At least one of the Gangers will be a living testament of their independence and I wonder how he’ll come into play in a future where it appears Ganger Amy is still being used in the way the Flesh had originally been intended for use.

Amy is in labor somewhere. The Doctor doesn’t know where she is or who has captured her, but that organization has set her up with a Flesh Ganger so that her mind would continue to travel in the TARDIS without The Doctor and Rory realizing she was missing. At this point there are endless questions begging to be answered: Who has Amy? Why do they need her? Why do they need her baby? Is Rory the baby’s father? Are The Silence involved? Was she substituted for her avatar when she was briefly captured earlier this season? Or was she already a Flesh avatar before that?

I could go on and I’m frustrated that I have to wait a week when there are people out there who already have some of the answers I want (thanks BBC America.) I’m OK though, because that’s what I love about Doctor Who. I’m constantly being challenged and intentionally led astray. I frequently come up with theories only to be proven terribly wrong and in that way, I’m fully involved in their adventures. It’s always great fun and this episode was no exception.