CAMELOT “The Battle of Bardon Pass” Review

CAMELOT The Battle of Bardon Pass

CAMELOT “The Battle of Bardon Pass” Season 1 Episode 9 – CAMELOT was back on Starz this week with a new episode called “The Battle of Bardon Pass”, and we got to see just what kind of result Morgan’s shenanigans caused.

At the end of “Igraine”, Morgan (wearing the queen’s face), came toe to toe with Igraine herself. The queen had escaped castle Pendragon, and as you can imagine seeing her doppelganger staring back at her wasn’t the easiest thing to cope with.

Poor Igraine believes she is going mad, and Morgan does nothing to stop her thinking. Instead Morgan, now wearing her own face, returns to her rightful castle while Igraine attempts to piece together what happened. She does sound like a raving lunatic, especially to poor Merlin. She tells him her story of being held captive, and Merlin explains that they were actually together last night, which of course, Igraine has no recollection of.

Eventually Merlin pieces everything together and sets out to find what other mayhem Morgan’s stunt caused.

There was just the one other thing – The small face that Guinevere and Arthur had slept together on her wedding day to Leontes… and now Leontes knows about it.

Guinevere spilled everything when her husband asked her to swear on a bible that nothing had happened between her and the king. Giving Guinevere where credit is due, she couldn’t, and so sets Leontes into a rage that would have probably ended in Arthur’s death and the fall of Camelot if Merlin hadn’t stopped him.

Igraine and Merlin decide to go after Morgan and are met with a surprise – the people that once stood behind Arthur are not feeling so safe in their lands. This is all part of Morgan’s plan, she’s been hiring men to attack villages and whatnot just to show how fragile the protection of Camelot really is.

Gotta had it to Morgan, she’s crafty, and ends up spinning Merlin’s tale about witchcraft right back at him, and takes him and Igraine as captives back to Camelot… so Merlin’s plan backfired.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s men are attacking Bardon Pass, a land that is under Camelot’s protection. Arthur, Leontes, Kay, Gawain, and more men set out to protect the Pass. However with Leontes wanting to kill Arthur and no one else knowing why, tensions are a little high.

Once again playing the defender: Arthur did try to talk to Leontes to explain that he and Guinevere was all his doing, but Merlin wouldn’t allow it.

They set up a camp and prepare to hold down the Pass, but Guinevere decides to throw a wrench into their plans and comes galloping up to give Leontes his bible. Granted her arrival didn’t do as much damage as it could have, but it does allow Kay to see that something went on between Arthur and Guinevere. And Arthur does confess…to which Kay throws some HORRIBLE insults like:

“You’re not fit to be a king, or a brother. At least we’re not bound by blood.”

Ouch, Kay. Ouch.

Camelot manages to hold the Pass with Morgan’s men retreating, with only one death and two wounded. One is a villager, and the other is Kay. Arthur decides to stay at Bardon Pass as a diversion to allow the others to get to safety.

At this point, it seems that, for the time being, Kay and Leontes have put aside their (utter) hatred for Arthur and give him the speech of how he doesn’t have to, blah, blah, blah. Arthur orders them to leave, and the episode ends with him prepared to die to protect Barton Pass.

How did I like this episode of Camelot? Well, it was action packed, and kept my interest between the story lines, let me tell you. I still continue to love Morgan probably more than I should; but I feel that she is a fantastic female character; one that you don’t see (or read about) often enough.

She wants what she wants, and while she is evil, she is INCREDIBLY smart and cunning. I can appreciate that.

Guinevere and Leontes will have a lot to work out, and judging from Leontes reactions to her, I’m not sure he’s going to get past her and Arthur. Which, let’s face it, I don’t really blame him. And besides, she’s trying WAY too hard. I do feel a little sympathy towards her, however, but it can only go so far.

Camelot is one of those shows that I will continue to like because the story is compelling, and Starz has made it one BEAUTIFUL show to watch.

What did you think of Camelot this week? Let me know!