Attention All SUPERNATURAL Fans! Jared Padalecki Is Now On Twitter!

Clap Your Hands If You Believe

That’s right, it’s officially happened! Jared Padalecki, better known to us fangirls as Sam Winchester on The CW’s SUPERNATURAL has bit the bullet and joined Twitter!

The news hit officially from the CW Supernatural Twitter account this after noon, and in less than 8 hours since the announcement, Jared has over 30,000 followers. I’m not sure what the Twitter record is, but that seems like a pretty high number to me!

Jared is not the first memeber of the Supernatural family to have a Twitter account: Mischa Collins (Castiel), Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer), and Chad Lindberg (Ash) are just three of the several cast members to also have Twitter accounts.

However, Jared is the first Winchester to venture into Twitter land, and judging by the reception that he’s gotten so far (honestly? Tons of Twitter mentions already and the hash tag “Welcom Jared” is trending worldwide)… well, Supernatural once again shows what a great fandom they are!

You can follow Jared on Twitter at @jarpad; and know that the account is authentic – Jared confirmed it at the Nashville convention today.