Eliza Dushku Dropping In On WHITE COLLAR

Eliza Dushku will take a trip down to WHITE COLLAR when the show returns for its third season.

According to THR, Dushku will appear in the ninth episode of the season play a character who works for Matthew Keller (Ross McCall).

But of course that’s not it, her character will also have a short fling with Neal (Matt Bomer), who [Spoiler] will be broken up with Sara (Hilarie Burton) at that point. What?! These two barely got together!

Unfortunately, according to creator Jeff Easting, trouble will stir up between Sara and Neal halfway through the season. But now I have to ask, is Dushku’s character responsible for that stir up?

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, but what I can tell you is that the show did leave the door open for Dushku’s character to return should her appearance be a success.

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