SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: The Memorable Cases of Sam and Dean Winchester

Supernatural Thursdays

Hi SUPERNATURAL fans! Well, now that we’ve all had time to recover from the two part season finale (or so we can pretend), here at Supernatural Thursdays we’re going to step away from the predictions and reactions and instead take you through some other goodies of the series.

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This week I’d like to take you through 6 (one for each season) memorable Winchester cases. It was really, really, (REALLY) hard for me to narrow this down, and I know that some will not agree with the choices, but that’s what the comments are for! I did this without using any of the major story lines. Azazel, Lilith, and Lucifer will not make an appearance here!

Now onto the cases!

Season One – BLOODY MARY


In the fifth episode of season one the Winchester’s went on a case that the fandom was pretty familiar with. Most people know the story (or at least one version) of Bloody Mary, and some may have even played the game that makes the spirit come out of her mirror. (I’m happy to say I never have; even as a kid I was superstitious; why chance it?)

I feel that Bloody Mary was a turning point for the series. It was the first “official” urban legend that the boys hunted (with the Hookman following close behind), a case that they had to research, and it was scary as all get out. I still have a hard time walking past a mirror (or anything reflective) after I watch this episode.

And who in the fandom still doesn’t wonder what Dean’s big secret was – we never did learn why his eyes were bleeding.

Season Two – HEART


If you didn’t cry at this episode (I don’t care if you’re a Sam girl, Dean girl, Cas girl, whatever) I don’t even know what to say. Heart was the 17th episode of season two, and in this episode the series went to a place that made a lot of fans happy. We got to see werewolves!! Supernatural werewolves!

After the initial excitement, when I watched Heart and felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. The fandom was introduced to Madison, played by Emmanuelle Vaugier, the woman that would make Sam remember what it was like to have feelings for another woman other than Jessica. My thought on this – how in the HELL does a person fall in love in two days? But that’s neither here nor there. Moving on.

The boys discover that Madison could be a werewolf and set out to save her. After spending the night of the full moon with her without a transformation, she and Sam give into the feelings they have for each other and spend the night together. (Best. Scene. EVER. This is professional writing at its best, folks. :P)

Well, turns out Madison isn’t actually cured. She ends up turning again, and long story short, Sam has to put a silver bullet in her heart. Um. I sobbed. Dean sobbed, Sam sobbed, and a whole bunch of the fandom’s heart broke into teeny pieces.

Season Three – MYSTERY SPOT


Episode 11 of the third season may as well have been called “the many deaths of Dean Winchester”. While examining the disappearance of a local writer, the boys end up in a Groundhog Day situation.

Every day is Tuesday, and every day Dean dies while Sam watches. It’s a way for Sam to deal with Dean’s upcoming death (his crossroads contract is going to expire), and his reactions to Dean’s death(s) and the repeating Tuesdays are both heartbreaking and priceless.

The banter between Dean and Sam are some of the best of the series (Dean has no idea that the day is repeating), and Sam’s annoyance with his brother are fantastic.
The other interesting thing about Mystery Spot is who is behind the entire thing, AND what happens to Sam when the day actually moves on and he has to live without Dean.

Season Four – YELLOW FEVER


There isn’t much to say about episode six of season four other than Dean is a jerk, catches “ghost fever” and almost dies from fright.

Everything scares him – Teeny, teeny dogs, high floors of hotels, and Sam’s driving.

The case itself is actually pretty heart wrenching. It’s one episode that makes me feel for the ghost and wish harm on the people that it is attacking. (Aside from Dean. He didn’t do anything!)

Season Five – THE END


I hesitated with this one since, technically, The End (which is episode four of season five) isn’t actually a “case”. HOWEVER, I decided to bend the rules a bit since it sort of turns into hunting Lucifer/Sam. SO!

In The End, thanks to a certain (horrid) angel named Zachariah, Dean is zapped five years into the future – to 2014. And this is where the episode gets AWESOME.

The world is overrun with Croats – people infected with the Croatoan virus. The end of the world is brought on by germ warfare, and there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop it. Unless you’re Dean. Even though the world is pretty much in shambles, he has set up a camp for survivors and continues to fight his fight – with some interesting changes.

Dean ’09 meets up with Dean ’14, (two Deans. It’s pretty nice, actually. And total side note here – Jensen does an AMAZING job at both parts. It’s easy to tell just through his expressions which Dean is which) and discovers that he’s well… broken.

Sam is no longer with him, he’s running a camp, trying to fight Lucifer… and then discovers that Cas is no longer an angel. In fact, Cas is (pretty awesome) a drug addict, shoots a gun, wears jeans, and has orgies. Yep.

The huge turning point of this episode is when Dean discovers that Sam said yes to Lucifer in Detroit… and sees himself being killed by his brother. (Another side note – WHAT IS THAT SUIT LUCIFER/SAM?! That is all.)

Once Dean is zapped back to 2009, instead of making him say yes to Michael, the experience just makes him call Sam, and the two of them start hunting together once again. Thus setting them on the path to the apocalypse… just in a different way.



In the sixth episode of season six, the boys are fighting a goddess. To be more specific, they are up against the Goddess of Truth, Veritas. She’s (stunning) cunning, and plays on a very human action – lying.

Let’s face it… we all do it. Everyone lies, even little white lies, to protect those around us. And through this case, where people are committing suicide because they (aptly) “can’t handle the truth”, the writers really break down that wall.

Dean becomes a victim of Veritas, and no matter who he talks to will hear the truth from them… no matter what. He decides to try it on Sam, since he can tell that something is not quite right with his brother, only to eventually find out that Sam can still lie.

This little tidbit of info leads Dean to find out what’s really wrong with Sam, and Cas helps… by sticking his arm inside his abdomen. Ew.

We all know how the episode ends, and the outcome took us on a ride through season six!


So that’s that! Six memorable cases from the Winchester boys! Like I said, I know I missed a lot, and I know that some people will disagree with my choices, but that’s what the comments are for! Let me know what you would have picked from each season and why!

I think this could be a great discussion. As always thanks for reading and check back next Thursday for more Supernatural!!

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