CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Run Dr. Lola Sprat, Run” Review

Childrens Hospital

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Run Dr. Lola Sprat, Run” Season 3, Episode 1 – Childrens Hospital returned tonight for it’s 3rd season premiere. You might say this episode was a turducken of comedy, stuffing character parodies into movie parodies and then stuffing all that into a hospital parody, which resulted in one decadent 12 minute bite of comedy. Well, decadent in terms of Adult Swim live action shows at least – there were actually some pretty good special effects and detailed sets to give this episode a nice premiere punch.

As usual, there’s not much to talk about in terms of plot when it comes to Childrens Hospital. A child falls into a “quick sand farm” and is brought into Childrens Hospital on a Saturday. Apparently it’s common knowledge that “doctors don’t work on Saturdays” and a grumbling Sy Mittleton has to call the team in from their day off. I absolutely loved the introduction of the team being called into action. Dr. Cat Black’s dangerous rock climbing and Dr. Glenn Richie’s morning in bed (with an alluring Lisa Edelstein) seem like tepid hobbies compared to the weekend adventures of their colleagues. Dr. Owen Maestro is a pants-less pilot on Saturdays, Chief is a sexy dolled up super hero, Dr. Blake Downs spends his time in a “Tron-like world” and, my favorite, Dr. Valerie Flame spends her Saturdays as her whiskey drinking, cigar smoking Derek Childrens (Jon Hamm) alter-ego. All these reintroductions to the characters were done in the first few minutes of the episode which quickly brought back that odd humorous feeling and put the Childrens Hospital world back into place.

Dr. Owen Maestro and Dr. Valerie Flame had me cracking up as they racked their brains trying to figure out what the growth on Nurse Dori’s abdomen could be. It’s no help that Nurse Dori has no idea that she is pregnant or that her daily sex with strangers in an opium den might have lead to a pregnancy. They all work in a hospital and can not remember what a pregnant woman looks like but, thanks to Owen’s uncontrollable erection, we now know that he’s got a pregnancy fetish.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lola, the one person they need to save the kid from quicksand, has been preoccupied with her voice over coaching and all sorts of other complications which prevent her from getting to the hospital. First she decapitates her crazy ex-boyfriend with a machete and then she runs out of gas – totally inconvenient. I loved the Run Lola Run spoof with Dr. Sprat running through the neighborhood to techno music that was somehow oddly appropriate for a hospital drama, becoming animated and ending up at the hospital in time to grab an axe and save the kid from suffocating in quick sand, kitty litter and cat feces. Who needs medical school?

With Childrens Hospital, I feel like I’m watching a volcano of insanity that is set to erupt at any moment. Somehow the show manages to take the jokes and plots to progressively more eccentric places without reaching the point where it becomes too strange to be funny. It’s a testament to the comedic talents of the cast that even though the show somehow seems weirder than when it started (if that’s even possible) it seems to get funnier as well. Without a doubt, I’m looking forward to the insanity that this season of Childrens Hospital will undoubtedly bring.