PRIMEVAL (UK) Series 5 Episode 2 Review


PRIMEVAL Series 5 Episode 2 – This week the ARC team go aboard a submarine to deal with two different dinos – a pliosaur on the outside and a therapod on the inside. Things get a little worrisome when the team find themselves without power – and drift through the anomaly, millions of years into the past.

After a particularly violent jolt renders the captain unconscious, it’s up to the

Back on land, Lester tries to stop defensive action from being taken in the form of a nuke aimed at the anomaly. He fails and the missile is fired, but the submarine reappears just in time and the missile is disarmed. Disaster averted.

There’s really not much to say about the middle part of the episode. Redshirts dying – check. Ailing dino that needs to be delivered back to the attacking dinos – check. The apprentice becoming the master (aka Sam becoming the captain) – check. The main characters busting out skills we never knew they had – check. The only surprise was that the ailing dino was a therapod, not a baby pliosaur.

But this was by no means a bad episode. It was enjoyable and would really have served as a better series premiere than last week’s episode. It could have been sharpened up a bit by little more of anything – danger, panic, coffee making – but it’s a perfectly serviceable episode as-is.

The most interesting part of the episode for me was Connor and Abby’s interaction at the end of the episode. Connor’s work with Prospero is pulling them apart, especially now that Abby knows something is seriously amiss with Burton. It’s sad to watch but I’m excited to see how far Connor’s work goes before he realises that Abby is right and Burton isn’t to be trusted.

There’s a hint that we may not have seen the last of Emily Merchant, too. Abby tells Matt that he wants to know what happened to Emily and gives him a printout of an old newspaper. On the same page as a report on spring-heeled Jack is a small article – ‘Lady Emily Merchant in Bedlam’. But what good is Matt knowing Emily was sent to an asylum? I’m going to assume there was a good reason for Abby doing this because otherwise it just seems cruel to tell Matt, knowing that he’ll probably never get to go and help her.

And so I shall end on this: there was no Becker tonight, and it made me sad.

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