MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE Season 2 “The Great Escape” Advance Review


MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE returns from its midseason break tonight at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT on TNT. I had the opportunity to review this epsiode in advance and thought it was pretty good. Joe, Owen and Terry are back and still dealing with the same issues. Like some of the episodes from the beginning of the season, the storylines center more around the men individually. In fact, aside from the beginning and end scenes, there is no interaction whatsoever between the men. That is something that I have always enjoyed about this show, the relationship and comfortability between the three men. However, despite this, the show was effective in that it shows how much baggage each man brings to that table they sit around. All of the stuff that goes on when they are not together is why coming together is so very important. Even if no one has a lot of time or when everyone is eager to tell their own story.

Joe is still hanging out with Manfro who is treating his quickly advancing cancer. Joe needs Manfro because the other guys cannot be there for him right now. It is always dangerous to have too much Manfro with Joe who is only barely staying strong to his convictions. Tonight, Joe is thrown another wrench when the children tell him that they think Sonia is going through “the change.” It turns out what Sonia is going through is even more painful and puts Joe in a difficult situation.

Terry is trying his best to maintain his new persona. He is still holding down the regular job. He has quit having flings with young women even when Erin is out of town for a while. He tells the men how happy he is. What happens though, when things are not what he expected? I fear that one little glitch in Terry’s new life could send him reeling right back to his old life. Frankly, being a playboy wannabe actor in your mid to late 40s is one of the saddest things to see.

Owen gets an offer to buy the dealership. Although originally offended and quite sure the answer is no, questions form. Would it just be easier to give it up? To let his wife pursue her dreams while he has all the time in the world to spend with the kids? What would his father think? Could he even get him to go along? The purchase offer does a lot more than raise these questions and answer them, but gives Owen exactly what he needs to choose the path he feels he was meant to be on. It is refreshing at the end to see him finally assert himself to get what he wants. Andre Braugher is so magnificent!

Basically this episode picks up in the middle of their lives, which is to be expected as it is the middle of the season. As is typical with this show, there are no major dramatic moments, but more like subtle shifts in feelings, events, and relationships that set a course to another path and another story. I love how you can go from feeling sorry for one character in the beginning of the episode and then, at the end, you find yourself sad for a different character and the original one has changed his course. You never know what to expect from these men.

Tune in tonight at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT to Men of a Certain Age for its midseason return and then come here and tell me what you thought down below. Do you think Joe will stay on the straight and narrow? Do you think Terry will remain a “grown up” with a job and one woman? Where do you think Owen’s future lies with the dealership? Share your thoughts with us!

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