FRANKLIN & BASH (TNT) Advance Review

FRANKLIN & BASH Series Premiere

Tonight TNT premieres its latest original TV show, FRANKLIN & BASH, a legal dramedy that is a good mixture of drama and comedy. Actually, it is more of a mixture of serious storylines and comedy. Franklin & Bash stars Breckin Meyer as Franklin and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Peter Bash, two friends who have decided to practice law their way. Of course, their way is probably the most unconventional way possible (aside from Harry on Harry’s Law). However, what they do works and soon grabs the attention of big-time lawyer, Stanton Infeld played by Malcomb McDowell. Stanton has one of the largest law firms in the city and he offers Franklin and Bash jobs working with him. So begins the balance of finding a way to practice law the way they know how, directly conflicting with the way basically everyone else practices, especially in a big firm, while trying to become part of the firm.

I was lucky enough to watch the first five episodes of Franklin & Bash. This show is terrific. I say that coming from a place where I wasn’t too sure the premises could be pulled off. Think about it, two frat like guys who practice law out of their home that they call the “Cave” and spend an inordinate amount of time playing video games? My first thought is that it would be cheesy. My second thought is that it would not have enough depth to make you interested in any of the characters.

I was wrong.

Although sometimes with odd storylines, and certainly with stunts that could never happen in a real court of law, Franklin & Bash still manages to pull off a believable hour of television. Perhaps it is the viewer’s willingness to forgive the ridiculous in order to see what the pair will do next or what twist their case will have. Whatever it is, it works. I found myself eager to watch the next episode and disappoined I only had five to watch in total.

Did I also mention we get to see the naked backside of Mark-Paul in the first episode? Bonus. I have been a fan of Mark-Paul Gosselaar since his NYPD Blue days (not so much Saved by the Bell). As for Breckin Meyer, I have followed him since I first saw him on the screen. Although I would not have thought to pair these two together, the outcome is fantastic. Both actors are able to play off of each other in even minute ways. Rounding out the cast are Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon who plays Hannah, a tough female attorney at the firm; Dana Davis as Carmen Phillips, Franklin & Bash’s ex-con assistant who has a few tricks up her sleeve to help out in a pinch; Kumail Nanjiani as Pindar Sing, an attorney with so many phobias, including agoraphobia, that he is forced to appear by satellite at the office. He quickly became one of my favorite characters. There are also a few surprise guest stars in later episodes that actually manage to blend in with the show rather than detract with their recognition.

You must tune in to Franklin & Bash tonight on TNT at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT for the first episode. It is tough to develop a new legal show that will hold the interest of viewers since TV seems to be drowning in them. However, Franklin & Bash reminds me of earlier years when the shows did not take themselves so seriously but you still loved every minute, something like Ally McBeal. If you enjoy shows like that, you will love Franklin & Bash. Check it out and then come back here and let me know what you thought down below.

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