FRANKLIN & BASH “Pilot” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH “Pilot” Season 1 Episode 1 – To say that this show is a lot of fun is the understatement of the century. I mean we got a full booty shot of Mark-Paul Gosselaar and this was only the first episode. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the season.

About a couple of young, brash attorneys surrounded by a wacky cast of characters including their new boss (played to perfection by Malcolm McDowell) and a shut-in roommate/partner, this series is going to be one of my favorites this summer, I can feel it.

Breckin Meyer as the raunchy dude to Gosselaar’s lovesick regular guy, make the perfect partnership and as Infeld pointed out, they are each other’s ying and yang. It’s their completely opposite yet perfectly in sync personalities that made this episode such a blast to watch. I found them both hysterical at different times and yet they each were admirable in their own ways as well. They may be a couple of goofs but we also got to see that they actually do have, gasp!, morals as well.

My favorite bits..

The debate over Peter’s odds of sleeping with Marisa Tormei.

How quickly the guys jumped all over that car accident.

Jared offering to sell his ass on Sunset.

“Hey! Scrotum face, come on!” – now that is some serious class, right there.

The judge having to order a witness to stop disrobing. There’s a new one I haven’t seen before.

The image on the chalkboard behind Peter while he was trying to explain how much they were all distracted.

Jared remarking that he was “getting movement in the lumber yard” – Ha!

Peter: “I’ve already got a three day pass for Coachella.” Infeld: “Good, we can carpool.”

Peter and Jared demanding that the wall be taken down between their offices.

Not even halfway through the first ep and I totally called that Jared was gonna ask Peter if he could keep those photos of his client. Damn, I’m good.

The boys getting into an all-out fist fight as a diversion at the press conference.

Peter singing “I’m So In Love” on his guitar.

Finding out that part of the reason Peter left his last law firm was that he got caught boning the senior partner’s daughter, in his office. Oops.

“I found make-up sex works.” “I’ll run it by Peter. We tried it once and it got..awlward.”

Peter pointing out to Jared that it didn’t count as being a member of the Mile High Club if he did it by himself. Har.

Jared warning Pindar that if he didn’t get out of his room, he would be having sex on his bed. LOL.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Full backside nudity from Peter. I sooooo wasn’t expecting that. Rewind the DVR? Me? Never…

Aw c’mon! No full backside nudity from Jared even though there was a perfect opportunity? That’s just cruel.

“Obviously Hanna is acting out.” “Well there was definitely some role playing.”

OMG, those are some of my favorite movies too! Who doesn’t like Gremlins, The Breakfast Club, Wedding Crashers and Yentl?

Peter doing the cowboy lasso thing when he told Jared to go ride like the wind.

Everything Pindar had to say about why birds are weird. You know, he sorta has a point.

Kinda digging Jared’s Bronco.

Pindar getting himself not only out of the house but onto a public bus and up on a podium. Go Pindar!

Peter singing “I’m So In Love” at the top of his lungs in his car.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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