THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over” & “To Be…” Review

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over” & “To Be…” Season 3 Episodes 24 & 25 – I watch this show so that you don’t have to. When you hear things like “The Secret Life of the American Teenager-double bill!” you tend to run hell for leather to the woods, screaming and sobbing hysterically. Or at least I do. But in all honesty this wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good-I do not by any means want to reccommend that anybody should watch this show, even as a joke, as it has been proven to cause massive brain leakage. But it was…well, not awful.

In the first episode Ben and Adrian get married in a small ceremony with family members only. In the second episode everyone talks about Ben and Adrian getting married. This show is sort of like spending a week with my relatives. They don’t know me well enough so every single day they ask they exact same questions: how’s your mother? Are you seeing anyone? Have any plans for the summer? Those three questions are brought up every hour every day for a week. That’s the experience of watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager: “Jealous of Ben and Adrian?” “Sleeping with Ricky yet?” “How’s the sex life for you?” It’s the same three questions asked every ten minutes for 25 freaking episodes. But this episode was a little less grating because stuff actually happened.

I did like the musical montage at the end of “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over.” I love musical montages. If The Secret Life of the American Teenager ended with a montage I’d probably like it more, despite the awful music. Instead “To Be…” ended with forboding, which would have been a lot more powerful if creator Brenda Hampton hadn’t spilled the beans on the dramatic finale in an interview with I get why she did it: controversy stirs bigger ratings. But we’ll have to see whether next week’s episode can live up to the already spoiled “twist”.

Anyways, the grown ups waddle around in this episode doing stuff. I kind of like Ricky’s mother, though the oh so politically correct way they’re going about it is making me wonder why they never showed Grace’s gay friend kissing. Madison and Jack had sex and then he cried and then they kissed and that whole storyline was a big load of nothing. Amy wants Ricky to get a new bed but what she’s really afraid of is him leaving her for college. He reassures her that that won’t happen and then promises a romantic getaway which I’m sure will be cut short in next week’s episode.

So yeah, stuff actually happened in this episode, which given the fact that it was the length of a movie is quite an accomplishment for this dreary show.

So, what did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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