2010-2011 TV Season Finale Awards

My Favorite Finales of 2011

Another finale season has come to an end and I don’t know about you guys, but I feel pretty spent. I lost count of all the finales I’ve watched in the past couple weeks, but I know that each of them had their own affect on me. Some had me jumping up and down in my chair in excitement, others had me bawling my eyes out, a couple made me laugh hysterically and a few made me want to throw heavy objects at my TV screen.

Trying to figure out which ones I liked best was simply too hard, so I decided to pick my favorites and put them into categories. So here they are, my favorite finales of this season….

Most Romantic – The Good Wife

After two full seasons of wondering “will they or won’t they?” we finally got the answer to the question…..or did we? Well, even if it somehow turns out that Will and Alicia don’t end up doing the naughty in that super-expensive hotel room, at least we got some nice making out in the elevator stuff. In fact, I think maybe I should rename this finale “Sexiest” instead.

Most Intriguing – NCIS

NCIS "Pyramid"

Lots of questions got answered in this year’s finale. We found out who the P2P Killer was, he was caught and killed, EJ and part of her team survived, etc. But we also got LOTS of new stories opened for next year. What will happen with Ziva and CI Ray? What was up with that thing EJ took out of her partner’s arm on the autopsy table? Most importantly, just WHO is it that Tony will be investigating next year? I’m dying to know.

Most Satisfying – The Mentalist

The Mentalist (CBS) Strawberries and Cream

We spent three years watching Patrick Jane chase after the ever elusive Red John and though the preview for the finale promised Jane would finally meet his enemy, I have to admit I had my doubts it would actually happen. But boy did it ever, not only did Jane meet Red John (played wonderfully by Bradley Whitford), he also got the satisfaction of putting a few bullets into him and fulfilling his promise to kill him for taking his family away. Everything about that final scene was so fantastic that I dare say it was nearly intoxicating in its release.

Biggest Tear-Jerker – Castle

CASTLE Season Finale Knockout

Castle wasn’t the only finale this year that had me crying, but I do believe that it’s the one that got me crying the hardest. The last 15 minutes or so had me weeping like a small child, from the captain’s admission of what he had done, to his ultimate sacrifice, to the core “family” deciding to never sully his name by telling what really happened, to Beckett’s speech over his grave and finally Castle’s tear-filled admission of his love for her as she lay bleeding in his arms. Darn it, there I go again. *wipes away tears*

Most Displacing – Hawaii Five-0


It took me a minute to find just the right category name for this finale, but I think this one works. Everything and everyone in this episode got jumbled up, mixed around and thrown for a loop. Steve was framed and thrown in jail, Kono was caught for the crime they all committed and has had her badge taken away, Chin has re-joined the regular force and arrested Steve, and poor Danny is left as the last remaining member of Five-0 (who also happens to be planning on moving off of the island with his daughter, his ex and their coming-soon baby). It made me dizzy to watch.

Most Mysterious – NCIS: Los Angeles


This show has always had a mystery built into it from day one – who is “G.” Callen? Well in this finale we got a little closer to the truth but unfortunately with every step closer, more mysteries were opened. Just as we find out that Callen was born in a far away country and is the last of a family at mortal odds with another mafia-type clan, we get the bigger twist of finding out that Hetty is connected to him in ways we never thought of before.

Most Hysterical – Chuck

Chuck Season Finale

Okay no, the beginning of this finale was anything but funny. Poor Chuck nearly losing the love of his life before their wedding day was hardly the kind of stuff that makes me…Chuckle (teehee, see what I did there?). But when it was all over and we saw that Chuck and the rest of the gang were going into the spy business on their own, with their own funds, what happens? Oh yeah, Morgan puts on the magic glasses and now HE’S the new intersect?? Bwahaha! There is nothing about that which isn’t hilarious and I can’t wait to see Morgan turn into a super-spy next season.

Most Frustrating – Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

So you may be wondering why a finale I’ve labeled as “frustrating” could end up on my favorite’s list. First of all, I love Supernatural and there’s not much they could do to change that. But at the same time, I did honestly find this year’s finale, well, frustrating. More than anything it’s probably because I was wrong about pretty much every single prediction I had for it and also because I’m not sure I’m enjoying where it’s going next season. All that being said though, I cannot ignore the fact that it was awesome and that my frustration with it, only proves that. Any show that can bring that much emotion out of me, must be voted as a good one.

Most Confusing – Bones

BONES (FOX) The Change in the Game

As I said in my review of this finale episode, I was confused pretty much from beginning to end. The whole thing never felt like a finale to me, but more like a regular episode of the show. There was almost too much humor, too much silliness, and definitely too much of Booth and Bones in silly costumes using wacky accents. The previous episode tore my heart out and stomped on it, and I just could not figure out why this one had done a complete one-eighty. In the final seconds I got my answer when Bones dropped her bombshell and for that shock alone, it had to make it on to my list, but I still was left with an overall feeling of confusion by it.


There you have it, my top finales for this season. Now I want to hear from you guys. What did you think of this season’s finales? Got any favorites of your own? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

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