THE KILLING “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” Review

THE KILLING "I'll Let You Know When I Get There" Episode 10 (3)

THE KILLING “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” Season 1 Episode 10 – There are a few things to note about this episode. Firstly, the episode title is ridiculously long. Secondly, we’re finally making some serious headway in the Rosie Larsen case. The end of the case is in sight – but that doesn’t mean everything is all smiles and backslapping.

Bennet isn’t dead after last week’s attack – but he is in hospital in a critical condition. Stan Larsen hands himself in and pleads guilty to the attack (to the frustration of his lawyer, who changes his plea). Back at home, Mitch gets a phone call telling her that her bank accounts have been emptied – sixteen thousand dollars gone without her knowledge. But is it Stan? Probably not…

Linden and Holder finally decide to check out local transport and find a cab driver who picked Rosie up from Bennet’s place. He drove her home. CCTV footage from the cab clues Holder into the fact someone was home when Rosie got there – but who? They suspect Belko but that line of inquiry seems to come to an end when he says Rosie left the house without seeing him – on her way to meet ‘Adela’.

After an argument with Regi about Jack’s behaviour which segues into a thinly veiled question about Linden’s capabilities as a parent, Linden takes Jack and goes to stay in a motel. She comes back from work to find Rick waiting for her; he’s got 3 tickets for the midnight flight back to Sonoma. Linden turns him down and that, it seems, may be the end of their relationship.

Linden goes for a run the next morning down by the bay and spots a board with ferries and their departure times. Adela, 11.45. She takes the Adela ferry to see where it goes. There’s a sign for a casino and the logo is the same bird that is on Rosie’s keyring. Could Rosie have taken the money to the casino?

This episode was amazing, not because it finally forwarded the murder mystery to a point where it seems like we may be on the verge of an answer, but because it did so much with the quiet moments. From Stan silently being processed in prison, to Linden and Richmond’s short chat, to Rick silently walking away and possibly out of Linden’s life, the quiet moments really emphasized how good television doesn’t always need to be in your face arguments and shoot outs and car chases.

That’s not to say this episode was perfect. While I found Belko heartbreaking (it’s amazing how he went from incredibly creepy over the last 10 episodes to painfully broken in this one), his mother was a very cliched, over the top character – right down to the silk robe and fluffy slippers – who didn’t really fit in with the look and tone of the show. It’s a minor point though and there were good performances all around.

We’re left without a suspect again this week. The AMC suspect tracker is showing Terry as fans’ prime suspect this week and I have to agree. She’s been a bit odd for a few weeks now, but she was downright strange this week. Not liking Belko and being stressed would be one thing, but she seemed to go out of her way to be hostile. I’ll stick with my thoughts on Terry from last week.

So what are your thoughts, dear reader? Is Terry your prime suspect too? Have you got someone else in mind? Let us know your thoughts and speculation in the comments below!

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