SONS OF ANARCHY Casting: Prison Break’s Rockmond Dunbar to Uphold Law; Fallen’s Fernanda Andrade to Babysit

SAMCRO had better watch out because things in Charming are changing when SONS OF ANARCHY returns for its fourth season, which makes sense given there will be a fourteen month time jump from the third season finale. TV Guide reports that Rockmond Dunbar (Prison Break, Soul Food) is set to recur as the town’s new sheriff, Eli Roosevelt, in the FX drama. While Jax (Charlie Hunman), Clay (Ron Perlman), and the gang had Sheriff Unser under their thumb, the strong-willed and up-front Roosevelt doesn’t even want the Sons to wear their colors in public.

In another sign that life has gone on since the guys went off to prison, Jax and Tara (Maggie Siff) are hiring a “sexy, Latina babysitter” named Elyda to be played by Fernanda Andrade (Fallen), who has signed on for three episodes.

Dunbar was C-Note on Prison Break and Kenny Chadway on Soul Food, and he also played Detective Mark Gustafson on FX’s shockingly under-watched Terriers. Andrade was Vilma Rodriguez in Fallen and she guest-starred on both CSI: NY and the short-lived Undercovers this season.

How do you think the Sons will deal with a less cooperative sheriff?

The fourth season of Sons of Anarchy will air on FX this fall.