Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz to Hang Around HUNG

Ugly Betty only went off the air last year, but somehow it feels much longer. To help fill the void, Ana Ortiz, who played Betty’s sister Hilda, is headed back to television in a recurring role on HBO’s comedy HUNG.

According to TV Line, this will be quite a different role for Ortiz, since she will be playing a client of Ray’s (Thomas Jane) who has some rage issues. Fortunately for her, Ray is a full-service male prostitute who not only takes care of her physical needs, but her emotional ones, as well. I wonder how much extra that will cost. It’s not known when Ortiz will make her Hung debut or how long she’ll stick around.

Any Hung fans out there? Is this a good fit?

The third season of Hung is expected to air on HBO this summer.