NURSE JACKIE “Have You Met Ms. Jones?” Review

NURSE JACKIE "Have You Met Miss Jones?"

NURSE JACKIE “Have You Met Ms. Jones?” Season 3 Episode 8 – I’ve never seen Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) such an utter wreck before. And I guess we’ll see how long it goes until she comes crashing down off the wagon, since, as she told her best friend and confidante Dr. Eleanor O’Hara (Eve Best), “I’ve been 37 hours with no Percocet, no Vicodin, and no Oxy.” And yikes, she looks it.

I missed last episode, so I’m not sure if she was scared straight by the violent death of her drug dealer (Death By Speeding Truck—always a hoot) or if she’s just realizing she can’t keep her supply up, I’m not sure. But it looks like we’re heading for another crash of epic proportions. Jackie is doing her best to stave off the DT’s with over-the-counter meds (and judicious gulps of Red Bull), but that’s clearly not working. Next episode should be very interesting.

Reviewing an episode of Nurse Jackie is always a little hard; it’s one of those shows that really doesn’t move the plot along very quickly at all, so there ends up being not a lot to actually talk about. Sort of like in the Seinfeld heyday, where the shows were literally about nothing (that was the premise after all) and all reviewers were left with were choice quotes and funny situations.

(Choice quote of the day has to belong to Thor (Stephen Wallem), who quipped to Coop, “Paying for an engagement ring with money you earned playing fantasy football. Doesn’t get much straighter than that.”)

Speaking of Dr. Fitch Cooper (Peter Facinelli), is it me or is he getting cartoonier and cartoonier by the episode? Maybe part of it is the fact that the impending divorce of his moms is whacking his brain out, but his obsessions and tics keep getting more and more unrealistic. And not necessarily in a bad way; this isn’t the sort of show that’s completely realistic. Hell, Coop would have fit right in on M.A.S.H. Would have given Klinger a run for his money, too. But his new Facebook Fiancee obsession is … more than a little weird. (Though the 4077 never had anyone who breast-grabbed as a nervous reaction.)

But of course in my view the best part of this show is Zoey (Merritt Wever), who just draws the eye with every odd pose, gesture, and word. I love her strange but romantic relationship with poor Lenny (Lenny Jacobsen); he’s clearly head over heels for the girl, yet she maintains a bizarre quest to uncover every hidden or even slightly secreted thought he may have. (The EKG monitor-as-a-lie detector was pretty great.) Though it begs the question, since he does seem so devoted, why the suspicion on her part? Might we actually get a semi-serious episode which delves into Zoey’s past? A boyfriend-of-days-gone-by would be…

Okay, it would probably be hilarious. And I doubt it would change anything. Though Zoey is due for some change of some sort. I wouldn’t mind one semi-serious Zoey episode.

One thing that I don’t think will ever change will be the fact that Zoey is Jackie’s stolid champion:

Zoey: “I think she’s inspiring.”

Lenny: “She is. But sometimes she inspires fear.”

Zoey: “I know.”

At times Wever plays Zoey as a sort of female John Lovitz—fibs and stretched truths come so easy and often, not maliciously, but like a kid bragging about often-ridiculous things on a school playground. She delivers her half-truths and exaggerations with such sleepy-eyed regularity, you’d think she was bored with the plain old truth. I suspect she picked it up from Jackie—still the best liar in the business. And Zoey is still the best character on the show.

Speaking of truth: no matter what he says, I think Kevin Peyton (Dominic Fumusa) is going through some hard changes. I will be very surprised if his and Jackie’s relationship remains unchanged by season’s end.

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