HOUSE Creator David Shore Talks Season Finale Surprises

House Season Finale

Anyone who watched last night’s HOUSE “Moving On” season finale (and if you haven’t watched it yet, there are spoilers ahead, so beware), knows it ended with House plowing his car into Cuddy’s dining room. There’s already been a lot of fan discussion about what this means for the show and the characters and even about whether the crash was even real or merely another of House’s hallucinations and show creator David Shore talked to TV Line about those very questions.

For those of us hoping the end of the episode was anything but real, it sounds like we are flat out of luck. The assault by motor vehicle happened and while Shore insists that only the house–and not any individuals inside–was the victim, he admits,

“And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. But who knows? Probably part of his mind did. It was a lashing out – a very extreme lashing out. I don’t think it was a murderous lashing out.”

While Shore won’t explain exactly why House has such “a very extreme lashing out” because any answer would be too simple, he sees it as a volatile mix of emotions leading to “a little burst of irrationality from the ultimate rationalist.” Shore also believes that while this obviously and irrevocably changes the House-Cuddy relationship (which, by the way, he insists was over even if Lisa Edelstein hadn’t opted to leave the show), he doesn’t see it as a change in House’s character because the anger has always been there. It’s just usually expressed in ways that are more rational.

The possibility for Edelstein to return for guest appearances is left open, though Shore has no hope she will relent and return on a regular basis. He does sound confident that Jesse Spencer will sign a contract to continue playing Chase for at least another season, and he doesn’t want to label the upcoming eighth season as the last, though given the latest ratings, I would be shocked if it weren’t. Writers haven’t yet begun breaking season 8 storylines, so Shore wouldn’t say anything specific about what we might see.

Shore also spoke to EW today, telling them that he’s proud of how the show handled the Huddy relationship. “I think we did a good job of letting House be House and Cuddy be Cuddy while still, at the same time, being House and Cuddy. I enjoyed that.” I think many fans, me included, would debate that. He also confirms that House has left the United States for parts unidentified and that the finale is intended as a reset for the series and a definitive end to Huddy. He explained,

“It was a clean slate and a reset. I’m not sure those are different things. That [relationship] was something we enjoyed, but we don’t want to just continue retracing our steps. We want to move on to new things and different things. And perhaps to some extent go back to simpler times on the show. The purer times of House the character. We’d had enough – for the moment – of the relationship stuff. We’ll find more to do in the future. We wanted to be able to explore [different aspects] in the future.”

One character who will not be headed back to simpler times is birth control-averse Taub, who has simultaneously impregnated his ex-wife and his girlfriend. Shore said of that plotline, “This is a character who just can’t control himself it seems. He loves his wife. He’s capable of great love, but also great mistakes. So throwing him in the middle of it seemed like an attractive option.”

So, in a nutshell, that’s what’s in the mind of House‘s creator regarding this past season and the finale. The important thing, though, is what fans are thinking because we’re the ones who watch and parse every moment. We’re the ones who need to tune in for there to be a show. So, fans, what are you thinking? Do you buy that this was just an “extreme lashing out?” What consequences should House face for what he did? How much (if at all) would it bother you if he didn’t face any?

Chances are next season really is the last hurrah for House. Will you be watching and if so, how do you want it to end? Let’s talk in the comments–either here or in the season finale review thread.