GLEE “New York” Review

GLEE “New York” Season 2 Episode 22Glee wrapped up its second season tonight with a trip to New York to compete at Nationals. New Directions has been working toward this moment for two years—despite frequently getting sidetracked by bullying, jealousy, and the sabotage of Sue Sylvester. Tonight, Gleeks everywhere were rooting for the underdogs from Lima, Ohio to beat out 49 other show choirs, including Vocal Adrenalin.

Well, we knew it was kind of a long shot, right? Especially since they were still writing the songs hours before the competition. But before we talk about Nationals, let’s talk about New Directions hitting New York. It was so much fun to see Rachel and Kurt have breakfast at Tiffany’s and sing “For Good” on the Wicked stage. I would totally watch a Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine spin-off in New York–I can see it now: Glee: The College Years. Anyway, Mr. Schue got in on the Broadway action too with “Still Got Tonight” (from Matthew Morrison’s new album).

Then there was Rachel and Finn’s classic romantic comedy date: flowers in Central Park, dinner at Sardi’s (complete with a Patti LuPone sighting), and then a romantic walk while being serenaded with “Bella Notte.” It was perfect until Rachel, who has spent this season pining after Finn, suddenly reverted to the Season 1 version of herself and decided the stage was her first love. It took the “Superman of kisses” to make her realize she can spend senior year with Finn before she leaves for New York.

Using original songs worked for New Directions at Regionals, but they just couldn’t recreate that magic in New York with “Pretending” and “Light Up the World.” Jesse St. James thought it was the kiss, but I think the songs were the reason for their 12th place finish. Although, Vocal Adrenalin and Sunshine Corazon went with an original ballad too, “As Long As You’re There.” The performances were enjoyable to watch, but I don’t think the songs themselves are that memorable. Actually the song I have stuck in my head tonight is Usher’s “Yeah,” performed by the all girl choir (in fancy dresses, no less).

Remember the epicness of last year’s season finale? Jonathan Groff and Vocal Adrenalin’s mind blowing performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was interspersed with scenes of Quinn giving birth. New Directions was facing off against their nemesis—Vocal Adrenalin, who was coached by Rachel’s bio mom. The kids came full circle and sang a medley of Journey songs, including the one that started it all, “Don’t Stop Believin.” Compared to that, I think “New York” fell flat. Obviously they set the bar so high last year that it was going to be nearly impossible to beat. Perhaps if Glee had shown more of Vocal Adrenalin (or other competing show choirs) during the course of the season, tonight’s competition would have had more tension.

I do think Glee has set things up nicely for next year. Brittany’s speech at the end—about how this year was about acceptance, not winning—gives me hope that next season will actually be more about winning and less about the kids fighting amongst themselves.

Other random observations:
Quinn was totally freaking out…and then was fine after a haircut? She even greeted Finn and Rachel in the choir room at the end. That must have been one heck of a haircut.

After packing up all his stuff, why couldn’t Mr. Schue stay in New York for the summer? He could have been back at McKinley by fall.

Sam and Mercedes! They must have hit it off at Prom. It’s about time Mercedes got a love interest.

Santana losing it in Spanish and reminding everyone that she’s from Lima Heights Adjacent was hilarious. What’s going to happen with Santana and Brittany? Brittany did say “anything’s possible.”

I couldn’t help but notice Vampire Diaries on the bookshelf behind Finn and Rachel in the library.

Teenage girl sleepovers must have a pillow fight.

“My Cup” – better than “My Headband” but not as good as “Trouty Mouth”

So what did you think of tonight’s Season 2 finale of Glee? Are you happy that Finn and Rachel are finally back together? Did you like the original songs? How do you think Season 2 compared to Season 1? Let me know in the comments!

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