THE KILLING “Undertow” Review

The Killing (Undertow)

THE KILLING “Undertow” Season 1 Episode 9 – I’ve spent the last two weeks wondering how The Killing could possibly hold interest until the season final a month from now. We had become stuck on one suspect, the case was starting to go in circles – something had to happen to shake things up.

This episode definitely shook things up.

Bennet and Muhammed’s phone conversation from last week is translated and the content appears to be damning. Linden and Holder try to gain permission to arrest Bennet but they’re shot down; the wire tap can’t be used as evidence and, besides, Linden and Holder have managed to get themselves put on everybody’s shit list.

Amber, Bennet’s wife, sneakily gets ahold of Muhammed’s phone number and gives it to them, allowing the pair to track Muhammed down and take him into custody. There he reveals the true nature of the phone call; he and Bennet have been trying to arrange safe passage for the missing Muslim girl who was mentioned at the mosque a few weeks ago. Her parents are trying to prepare her for an arranged marriage (which would include a female circumcision) and Bennet couldn’t admit why he seemed so shady without risking the girl being sent back to her parents. He’s innocent.

This is discovered too late. Mitch Larsen has already become distraught after seeing Bennet at Rosie’s school. She angrily accuses her husband of not dealing with Bennet when he had the chance, so Stan decides to finish what he started. He and Belko abduct Bennet and beat him so severely that there’s a good chance Bennet Ahmed will be dead in next week’s episode.

The Richmond campaign is pulled closer to the plughole this week. Last week they accused Mayor Adams of having an affair with an aide and getting her pregnant. This week Adams lies and says that he had a medical procedure done four years ago which left him unable to father children. With his poll ratings slipping further, Richmond goes to see billionaire Tom to ask for more money to invest in the community. Tom decides to rest his decision on a basketball-related wager. Richmond has one shot at the hoop. If the ball goes in, he gets his money. If it does, he resigns from the campaign race. He shoots – but we don’t get to see if he scores.

This was a fantastic episode. I’m still not sure how I feel about there being so many different elements in The Killling, but I will admit that they came together well this week. The phone call was deliciously ambiguous and it’s interesting listening to it again knowing the real reason behind the call was actually to try and save a girl’s life, not cover up the ending of a life.

The attack on Bennet by Stan and Belko was hard to watch, especially since we had just learned of his innocence. I’m hoping he isn’t dead, but if he is it poses an interesting dilemma: just how harshly can you judge a man who thought he was avenging his daughter’s death?

Belko is still incredibly creepy. There’s just something about him that seems so right when viewing him as a potential suspect, but it also seems too obvious. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about Terri, Mitch’s sister and Rosie’s aunt. I can’t quite explain it, but it was something to do with the way she was just there with the textbooks. Since episode 1, Terri has always been there, and while I want to think it’s out of love for her family, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a darker motive behind it.

Also, we shouldn’t forget the expensive shoes Rosie was wearing (though the show seems to have forgotten over the last few episodes). I have a theory about those shoes: what if they were a present from Michael, Jasper’s father, to Terri? The pair seem to have a history (as evidenced by Terri’s reaction to Michael’s snub at the wake) and it’s not implausible that Rosie may have borrowed the shoes. I’m not sure what any of this would mean though!

Again, a great episode and one that leaves the mystery wide open once more. Who will become prime suspect next week? Leave your thoughts, speculation and suspect choices in the comments below!

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