Showtime keeping NURSE JACKIE But Giving UNITED STATES OF TARA The Boot

Nurse Jackie / United States of Tara

We’ve got lots of news coming from the camp over at Showtime today, according to

First up the cable network has renewed its dark comedy series NURSE JACKIE for a fourth season. The show earned star Edie Falco an Emmy last year and is created, written and executive produced by Liz Brixius and Linda Wallem, with Richie Jackson also executive producing. Though the show may not have been a huge hit, it has still managed to average about 762,000 viewers on Monday night and 2.8 million weekly viewers so far this season, which is not bad. If you’d like a comparison – Season 4 of Showtime’s Californication averaged 2.4 million weekly viewers, while the first season of breakout comedy The Big C drew 3.5 million.

Meanwhile, there’s bad news for fans of UNITED STATES OF TARA. The word is officially out that the series is being canceled after three seasons. The show won star Toni Collette an Emmy, but has unfortunately been taking a slow ride downward in the ratings, fueling speculation that its current third season will be its last. To date, the show has averaged 326,000 viewers in its Monday 10:30 PM slot, which is down from 558,000 for Season 2. Also, its weekly viewership has dropped from 2.7 million last season to only 1.9 million this season.

So it’s time for the Nurse Jackie fans to celebrate and the United States of Tara fans to mourn. How does this make you feel folks? Is anyone out there a fan of both and can’t decide whether to be happy or sad?

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  • Ionoftheearth1125


  • Kherron

    I AM SAD! USOT was really good and I enjoyed it very much. How could you do this to me Showtime? I wanted to see more of Marshall and Noah! D:<

  • That blows.  Never watched Nurse Jackie, it looks dull, but I love love love Tara.  

  • Showtime is about to loose a lot of subscribers. Without Tara there’s really no reason to pay for that “premium” channel. 

    • Oh Danielle, even though I’m also really sad to see United States of Tara go (especially with the way this season ends), I would never cancel my subscription. 🙂 

      Showtime has too many good shows like Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Shameless, The Big C, The Borgias, and that’s only current shows. They have 2 new upcoming series that look really good, they are Homeland and House of Lies.I would really recommend you keep Showtime and check out some of their other shows. 🙂

      • You obviously work for Showtime don’t you?? I’m not buying a crap of what you write down here lady.

        • Haha! Nope do not work for Showtime. I am the Editor for Daemon’s TV, that’s why I am knowledgeable about their programming, since it’s kind of my job to know. 😉 But feel free to ignore anything I might have to say, I am only sharing my opinion 🙂

  • I wish the series finale is going to be good. But Tara needs a fourth season to complete the storyline! Or at least a TV movie, or something like that!

  • As much as I’ll miss United States of Tara, I’m glad we’ll be getting more of Nurse Jackie, I need my Zoe fix!

    • bynz

      Agreed. Especially since season 3 of USoT didn’t do what the first 2 seasons did for me. Although, season 3 of Nurse Jackie also seems a little sluggish currently so I do hope the writers get busy otherwise we might have another one of our favorites axed the next season :S

  • Gavin Roskamp

    Nooooooooooooo! How could they do this? UST was the best show ever! And they can’t possibly wrap everything up in just three episodes! ACK!!!

  • Jo

    Idiots, Tara is awesome. 

  • Threesophie

    So so so so sad:(

  • Babygyrlb4

    I love both of these shows and can’t choose between the two….SO I am happy atleast one of them is staying on!!!

    • Babygyrlb4

      I think maybe the show got a little too crazy this season
      for it to be believable for some viewers.

  • Jon

    I agree with most; it’s a loss, to see USoT gone…  All the cast is brilliant!

  • Neverforever1983

    Sad to see tara go since there is so much more that could have been explored, but this season was sloppy and a letdown. The Marshall/Lionel split and the latter’s cheap car crash write off was lazy writing. Also the alters were starting to date a bit. Very happy for Nurse Jackie and love how just like The Sopranos Edie manages to keep us fully engrossed all the while building so much tension to a blowup finale.

  • B. Newman

    U.S. Of Tara was an incredible show. I have been diagnosed with DID for a little while now. Though not everything is as grandious as it seems in the show it was a huge help to me to see an accurate portrayal of the disorder. It has helped me astronomically, and am thankful to those who made it. It’s hard living in a world that doesn’t understand how your brain functions. But the truth is
    many of us work and live inside of society with the support of wonderful family memebers and friends, with little to no incident. Showtime made a bad decision to drop the show… But I am thankful it was there while it lasted.

  • Redshark

    that’s to bad, keep tara going.
    it’s an epic series, which should not be canceld lighlty.
    i’m lovin it!

  • Jon

    You guys are gonna lose a lot of fans. :/

  • Summer2641123

    Aww this makes me sad. I just started watching united states of tara. On netflix and just finished the thrid season. And for the last show I still wanna know what happens! Uggggg 🙁 it was a good show kinda just sucks you in to watching it

  • sad person

    WHY?!? N0000000!

  • Kkpatterson3

    Is there ANY chance of bringing Tara back? The show is amazing! At the very least, give us one good long episode to tie up loose ends!!!

  • Kkpatterson3

    Is there ANY chance of bringing Tara back? The show is amazing! At the very least, give us one good long episode to tie up loose ends!!!

  • MGipe

    Makes me feel angry, hostile, depressed, anxious, and suspicious of the amount of good in this failing world.  Stupid Showtime.  Really?  Do Weeds and Californication STILL need to be on? Dickwads. They’re all dickwads.  For the love of everything holy and pure in this God forsaken world BRING TARA BACK!!!!!! I/EVERYONE ON THIS GREEN DYING PLANET NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO HER!!! Please!!! Before the world ends in December – it IS 2012 y’all.  Get your shit together. 

  • Anonymous

    OMG…. Why cancel it?! It is such a good show! So disappointed in Showtime for this!!!!
    Ive never even seen Nurse Jackie….wtf? Keep yet ANOTHER medical show on the air but cancel a one of a kind awesome show??? Deeply disappointed in Showtime…….there goes mysubscription, straight up.