FAMILY GUY “It’s A Trap!” Review

FAMILY GUY “It’s A Trap!” Season 9 Episode 18 – Seth McFarlane’s third (and hopefully last) foray into the Star Wars spoofs marked the one hour, ninth season finale. It began with a disclaimer asking audiences to please lower their expectations because this episode is going to be crap. But this episode was not crap. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it, even if it did seem like a tacked on addition to the earlier two Star Wars spoofs.

I know Family Guy does not use the medium of television for storytelling like, say, the earlier years of The Simpsons. It’s a show of gags first, plot second. But I like Family Guy. Family Guy has been on since 1999, so clearly the best years are behind them, but it still manages to make me laugh every now and again.

This week revolved around the Griffin family (minus Meg, with the exception of a brief yet very funny cameo-seriously, where has Megan been this season?) and featured a few funny guest appearances, from Carrie Fisher to Anne Hathaway and particularly a standout scene with Rush Limbaugh.

Anyways, this episode featured Chris’ return as Luke. Just like Luke is my least favorite Star Wars character, Chris has always been my least favorite character from Family Guy, and any episode featuring more than a glorified subplot with him almost always drags for me. However his fight with Stewie (less for Chris and more, obviously, because of Stewie’s taunting of Seth Greene) was hilarious, as was the part when Chris/Luke inadvertently snapped his father’s/Stewie’s neck.

Stewie’s return as Darth Vadar is a gag I find amusing. This show has been on for nine freaking seasons and I still get tickled by the evil baby schtick. You can credit Family Guy for a lot of things (and mock it for a hundred, as Seth McFarlane laughs his way to the bank), but its greatest achievement is the creation of one of television’s greatest characters, evil baby Stewie.

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