Dexter’s Lauren Velez Goes Bad for BREAKOUT KINGS


Breakout Kings has quickly turned into one of my favorite series this year and I’m looking forward to the finale, being shown on Memorial Day. Well it looks like the folks over at A&E are pulling out the stops, adding Dexter‘s Lauren Velez as a guest star in the finale.

Check out the breakdown of the episode, from A&E:

Breakout Kings “Where In The World Is Carmen Vega” – Carmen Vega , (Lauren Vélez, Dexter) the ruthless queen of a drug cartel, pulls off a violent and deadly escape while attending the funeral of her slain son. Her plan, get the family business back and hand over the keys to her kingdom to her son surviving Cesar. Carmen will stop at nothing – including killing a member of her team as well as her own family – to put Cesar on the throne. The Breakout Kings seem to be one step behind Carmen at every turn and they smell a rat. Is there an informant on the team? Not only do the Breakout Kings need to catch Carmen to get their month off, they must also learn the location where Shea’s girlfriend is being held hostage.

Find the rat, catch Carmen and save a loved one – the Breakout Kings have their work cut out for them. In the end, they finally realize they really are a team and there’s no going back.

So what you do you think, folks? Has this made you more likely to watch the finale of Breakout Kings or were you (like me) pretty much planning on watching it no matter who was in it and this is just a nice bonus?

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