TREME “Slip Away” Advance Review

TREME Slip Away

Tonight is the fifth episode of TREME’s bringing us about halfway through the second season. Once again I was lucky enough to review the episode in advance and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

The episode keeps the same pace as last week’s and most of the season, slow and easy. It is also filled with sadness and grief. It begins with the funeral of the someone shot in the street mentioned last week. It hits Antonie particularly hard as the deceased was a musician. As sad as the scene is, the funeral is also beautiful in the way the musicians pay tribute to their fallen brother. Unfortunately, that death would not be the episode’s last. As the city grows closer to the march to end violence, violence seems to appear around every corner. Meanwhile those that were directly affected by it, such as Ladonna, are finding it hard to continue. Even though on most accounts, Ladonna’s life and her bar are good, she is not good, but spiraling fast. I wonder how long before someone stops letting her be and starts to intervene or at least wonder if there is more to the story.

DJ Davis is catching some breaks and getting assistance from someone whom he least expected. However, he is not returning the favor to Annie when she needs it most. I wonder how long their relationship will truly last. From Davis’ actions and inactions, to the fact that they seem to be a rather ill fitting couple, I think their time is limited.

This episode has a lot of opposites. When something good happens to a character, it is contrasted with another. There are even dual scenes showing one thing happening in the city and something happening elsewhere that also highlights the contrast. In the end, however, everyone is still be able to come together for the one thing they believe in more than anything else, their hometown. The end of the episode is truly heartwarming and you wonder if eventually the city just might recover. How long that could take, of course, is a different story.

Watch the latest episode of Treme on HBO tonight at 10 pm EST and then come back here and tell me what you thought.

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