BREAKOUT KINGS “There Are Rules” Episode 12

BREAKOUT KINGS "There Are Rules"

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of BREAKOUT KINGS “There Are Rules” Episode 12 which airs tonight on A&E.

Episode Synopsis: A shocking scene at a prison erupts when an 18 wheeler crashes into the prison wall and an armored car escapes from the back of the truck, with several convicted felons hiding inside. Our rag-tag team is quick to begin the hunt for the fugitives and they learn the escapees are being lead by Ronald Barnes, a Madoff-like man who is hated by all. The follow Barnes’ trail and eventually realize that his plans of helping his fellow cons reach freedom along with him were all a ruse to distract the authorities from tracking down Barnes himself. Barnes will kill anyone that gets in his way and the Breakout Kings must outsmart him before it’s too late.