AMERICAN DAD “Gorillas In The Mist” Review

AMERICAN DAD Gorillas in the Mist (3)

AMERICAN DAD “Gorillas in the Mist” Season 6, Episode 19 – Tonight’s season finale of American Dad has Stan and Steve spending time with one another as friends rather than as parent and child.

I enjoyed Stan explaining the differences between his “friend phone” and his “dad phone” when he’s punishing Steve for ditching his PSAT classes. There’s no gray area for Stan in anything he does, so once Steve actually crosses into friend territory, it’s virtually impossible for Stan to act like a parent anymore. At the same time, I liked how easily Steve slipped into the role of peer and out of the role of child. He must not have really respected Stan as much as he had feared him, so when there was nothing intimidating left in Stan as a parent, there was no need for any boundaries at all. Even if they didn’t seem uncomfortable about it, their hilarious conversation was definitely awkward when they were talking casually about Francine faking climax with Stan. I don’t think I know anyone who would be comfortable knowing the details of their parent’s intimate bedroom habits, but that’s just how close Stan and Steve had become.

I’m not sure why Steve was so obsessed with actually going into the gorilla exhibit, but once he was captured it made for some of the funniest visuals of the night. I cracked up watching the way the gorilla used Steve like a rag doll, put him into a dress and twisted him into strange shapes. Of course, the best part was actually having the silver-back gorilla come out and teach Stan a lesson in parenting by being an example of a good father and I loved that the gorillas used sign language to have a heartfelt conversation while their handlers were pretty much only used for interpretation.

Meanwhile, Roger has his mind set on becoming a country music sensation to prove a point to Hayley. I wouldn’t have pegged Hayley as a country music fan, but she has an appreciation for the genre that Roger doesn’t naturally pick up on. As is the norm for any scheme that Roger gets into his head, his venture into the country music world ends up being warped and twisted. Thinking that it will increase his ability to entertain an audience, Roger gets married to a woman who lives in a trailer with her four children and scruffy dog, but promptly ditches them when he finds that their trailer doesn’t have an espresso machine. His wife doesn’t let him escape and drags him back to the trailer where he’s held against his will as a father and husband to this family. Of course, you can’t cage a creature like Roger, and he ends up getting the entire family hauled away with a false accusation of spousal abuse. Being threatened at gunpoint, having his wife arrested, the children being split up in foster care and having their dog run over by police cars didn’t strike a chord in Roger’s cold heart – but meeting the ugliest woman he’s ever seen and sleeping with her, was the magic needed to successfully play a country tune in front of that critical crowd.

Like the running gag with the busboy popping in everywhere to say “it’s kinda funny,” there were some jokes that were just kinda funny, but in general I enjoyed most of the episode and I particularly liked seeing Stan and Steve interact with one another in a different way than they normally do. Overall, this was a well balanced episode with a fun story and some good laughs which made it a solid finale to the sixth season of American Dad.