CAMELOT “Igraine” Review

CAMELOT “Igraine” Season 1 Episode 8 – I want to start this out by saying thatt Clarie Forlani did an AMAZING job in this week’s episode of CAMELOT. We spent most of our time in Camelot following Morgan’s day as she used her powers to fool everyone into thinking she was Queen Igraine.

The nuances that Forlani brought to Igraine this episode were perfect. The opening scene when Morgan/Igraine was sitting in front of her mirror practicing her “Good Morning” was spot on. While it was Igraine, there were still traces of Morgan behind the face. Kudos, Clair Folani.

So what else happened in this episode other than Morgan tricking everyone (including Merlin) in Camelot into thinking she was Igraine? Not a whole lot. We did learn that a certian tattooed servent in castle Pendragon is not as faithful to Morgan as she’d have us think.

While Morgan posed in Camelot, the ACTUAL Igraine was locked up in Pendragon without knowing why. Eventually she makes a deal with the guard that is stationed outside her room and escapes… that is after stabbing him repeatedly. But he kind of deserved it, so I think as a fan, I’ll forgive her. After escaping the guard, Igraine hightails it out of Pendragon, only to run into Vivian during her escape. Lucky for her Vivian realizes that what Morgan and Sybil are doing isn’t the best thing in the world and turns her back as Igraine returns to Camelot.

During Morgan’s day at Arthur’s castle she manages to stir up a fair share of trouble. Her morning starts out okay, again with Forlani doing a suburb job in making Igraine seem like herself, but also semi-hesitant around those that she has long conversations.

She manages not only to get Guinevere to spill her guts about sleeping with Arthur, but she also sets out to tell Leontes the truth about his bride and his king. Turns out Leontes doesn’t really care very much as that same night he sleeps with Guinevere, but hey… at least the seed is planted. I’m curious to see what happens with that story line down the road.

Morgan/Igraine also manages to kill the CUTEST little kid in Camelot. The little boy (who Merlin and Igraine threw a birthday part for earlier in the day) sees Igraine’s face turn back into Morgan’s for an instant and notices that Igraine is in serious pain. He starts to get Merlin to help Igraine, but Morgan stops him and after a scuffle, the child falls into the courtyard of Camelot.

After this loss, Merlin decides that he doesn’t want to be alone that night, and ends up sleeping with Morgan/Igraine, but not without sharing that when he touches a person, he has visions of their secrets, etc. He doesn’t have to worry though – he doesn’t feel any flashbacks when he touches Morgan/Igraine.

Which… would’ve thrown up a red flag for me, but hey – I’m not Merlin.

Over all “Igraine” was a GREAT episode, if only because of the excellent work from the actors. I feel that the Camelot story is plugging along, and I’m looking forward to next week.

What did you think of “Igraine”? Is Camelot still working for you? Let me know in comments!