SUPERNATURAL “The Man Who Knew Too Much” Season Finale Review

Supernatural (CW) The Man Who Knew Too Much

SUPERNATURAL “The Man Who Knew Too Much” Season 6 Episode 22 – I think I owe part of the fandom an apology. Why? Because though I tried to put myself in your shoes, I never really, truly understood how the Sam girls and boys felt when the show kept putting their favorite Winchester through all kinds of weird scenarios and changes. Drinking demon blood? Whatever. Soulless Sam? That was a great plotline!

Okay so I guess now I know how it feels. Sure I’m a Dean girl from day one, but we all know I’m a closet Cas girl, too (okay maybe not so much a closet one since I announce it pretty much every chance I get). Now they’ve messed with my favorite angel and I’m struggling to figure out if I’m excited or heartbroken. The moment that Cas tore down Sam’s wall, I knew he was going down a scary road and wasn’t going to let anything stop him. When he did that, I actually felt betrayed. Like, personally betrayed, and I’ve never even met this guy. Even through my pain, I admired a show that could bring out such emotion in me.

I did sort of see it coming. About halfway through the episode I got this sick feeling in my gut that wouldn’t go away. I read a few things online recently about how some characters were going to “transform”, and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe Cas was going to turn into a demon. While I was wrong about the details, it’s still just as bad. Old Cas is gone.

**WARNING! Spoilers ahead for season 7, skip if you don’t want to know***
The sweet/flawed angel I fell in love with is gone and though I want to enjoy the idea of watching Misha take Cas in a whole new direction, I can’t even do that. Because I just found out that apparently he isn’t even going to be a regular next season. (check out the article HERE) So they really did take him away, pretty much completely.

**END of season 7 spoilery-ness**

I know, I know, the show is about the boys. Always has been and always will be. And when season 7 starts I’m sure I’ll be just fine and ready to blast forward with them. After all, we need to find out how Sam is going to cope with his wall down and see how the boys are going to deal with their new enemy (aka Cas). But I’m still in mourning right now and had to let it out.

No matter what happens, when this hellatus ends and Supernatural comes back in the fall, I will be there with bells on. Waiting to see what adventures the boys will be going on next.

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My favorite bits..

There’s nothing like the first few bars of “Carry On Wayward Son” that just says Supernatural finale to me. It always gets me emotional.

So this is Sam now? We all know that this means the wall is down, what I want to know is how he is still conscious. Last time he got a peek behind that thing, he was down for a bit.

The chick telling Sam that he might be a hooker. LOL.

Dean holding Bobby back from beating Cas down.

Cas begging Dean and the others to go home.

Sam describing his companions as a “male model type and an old guy.” LOL.

Ah, so now I get it. Sam IS down for the count and all this is happening in his head. Wow.

Dream Sam reacting to the light in Real Sam’s eyes. Whoa.

“I’m inside your grapefruit.” – Hm, interesting, since that’s the exact same line that Lucifer used on Sam when he jumped his bones.

Finding it odd that Soulless Sam was claiming that souls were weak, considering that there’s this huge fight to get them because they are so powerful.

Oh crap! There’s another one??

Man, this is so reminiscent of Sam last season. So Cas has to drink a blood cocktail as well?

Crowley telling Cas that he was the bottom in the relationship. Oh dear, I think I just heard a part of the fandom scream. LOL.

Cas taking back his deal and ordering Crowley to flee or die. Holy cow.

Dean telling Sammy to get his lazy ass out of bed and come meet them, then leaving the address by his pillow, with a gun.

Hell Sam telling Real Sam that he isn’t strong enough to know what he knows. Ouch.

Real Sam saying that he could never leave his brother alone out there.

Poor Cas still thinking that he was doing everything right and not being able to understand why his friends kept on plotting against him.

Yep, there was no doubt that Cas knew about Balthazar, and that he would kill him for it. He is truly alone now.

“We’ll ninja our way in.” “Awesome. Yeah, until they hear your knee squeak.”

Thinking of Jurassic Park about two seconds before Dean mentioned the T-Rex thing.

Squeaking out loud when the Impala got flipped.

I can’t blame Crowley for the pronoun problem. I have no idea what to call Raphael either. He/she confuses me.

Crowley throwing “flee or die” line back into Cas’ face.

Yay Sam made it!

Finding out that Cas gave Crowley the wrong blood. Ooh, that clever angel.

Oh My GOD! Cas did the ritual?? I just thought he tricked them, not that he did it himself.

Cas snapping Raphael into bits like Lucifer snapped him.

This new Cas is seriously scaring the ever-loving crap out of me.

Dean begging Cas to give up the juice because he’d lost everyone and he didn’t want to lose him, too.

My brain going into complete overload when God Cas told Sam, Dean and Bobby to bow to him or die.

So what did you think of this season finale of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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