SUPERNATURAL “Let It Bleed” Review

Supernatural (CW) Let It Bleed

SUPERNATURAL “Let It Bleed” Season 6 Episode 21 – You may be surprised to see that I’m doing two separate reviews rather than just one for both, but I felt they each needed their own. This episode’s story was so very different from the last one, trying to throw them together seemed just wrong somehow.

In this one, Dean, Sam and Bobby are doing their best to stop Castiel and get a clue to go searching around in the history of author H.P. Lovecraft. But before they can get started, Dean gets a frantic call from Ben and has to listen while his almost-family is taken by demons.

In my comments on our Supernatural Thursdays column this week, I predicted this would be done to get Dean out of the game and I was right. Crowley is trying to save his own skin and while he’s following Cas’ orders not to touch Sam and Dean, the demon doesn’t let that stop him from going after two people that Dean cares about.

Meanwhile Bobby is on the trail of the thing that Lovecraft let in from purgatory and it turns out to be none other than Ellie, the woman who gave Dean the sword to kill the dragon a while back and happens to be an old flame of Bobby’s.

Dean does make it to Lisa and Ben but not before the demon borrowing her body nearly kills her. Cas saves her and Dean takes advantage of the angel owing him a favor to ask for a big one – he has both their memories wiped clean. I did like the way that put an end to that extremely loose string, but it still made me sad to see it. Not that I necessarily want to see Dean go back to them, I just knew what it took for him to ask Cas to do that and my heart broke for him.

My favorite bits..

“Hi, glad to meet ya. Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard.”

Okay I’m not quite as bad as Dean. I have at least *heard* of Lovecraft.

Dean rattling off instructions with the precision of a well-trained drill sergeant but still helpless to do anything to save Lisa and Ben.

“Your chocolate has been in my peanut butter for way too long.”

I know it’s wrong, considering he just threatened Lisa and Ben, but I found it adorable the way Crowley signed off the phone with “kisses.”

No. I just can’t assume that Cas knows about Crowley kidnapping Lisa and Ben.

Best description of Cas ever = “Trenchcoat, looks like Columbo, talks like Rainman.”

Oh no, of course there would never be an invisible guy who could come in and steal the letters..especially not one in a trenchcoat.

Well I’m glad to see Dean putting those torture skills of his to good use. Gulp.

Sam should’ve known better than to try and talk Dean down. I mean c’mon, if that was somehow Jess in trouble, we all know he’d be going just as nuclear.

Sam begging Cas to bring Lisa and Ben back. I don’t know what made my heart break more, Sam saying it or the look on Cas’ face when he heard him and realized what Crowley had done.

Yes! I knew it! Cas would never tell Crowley to hurt Dean’s pseudo family on purpose.

Oh great, now Crowley’s using Lisa and Ben to manipulate Cas, too. Limey bastard.

Balthazar referring to Sam and Dean as Cas’ howler monkeys. I love all the clever things they come up with to call them.

Already knowing who was in the picture, thanks to the previews. When they throw in characters we’ve only seen once, it’s kinda a big clue.

Cas saving Dean’s life. Hell yeah!

Cas telling Dean that he thinks of him like family, too. Can someone take this dagger out of my heart, please? It’s kinda starting to hurt.

“Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you?”

Balthazar flipping sides and helping Sam and Dean. Wow, this is getting so convoluted now.

Hearing Dean coming before we saw him. That was awesome. Hero!Dean to the rescue!

Oh crap, Lisa is a demon. Shoulda seen that coming.

That was cruel! I just about had a heart attack when the demon told Dean that he was Ben’s real father.

Gasping out loud when the demon stabbed Lisa.

I know he had to do it, but it was not easy watching Dean slap Ben like that.

Dean instructing Ben how to shoot and ordering him pretty much like his own father ordered him when he was little. That’s probably the last thing he ever wanted to do to another kid.

Cas healing Lisa, even knowing that it would change nothing between him and Dean.

I honestly don’t know why, but I kinda lost it when Lisa woke up and they didn’t remember anything about the demons. But that is nothing compared to Lisa looking at Dean and asking who he was. I think I may have let out a sob, but I’m not gonna swear to it.

I don’t blame Dean at all for threatening to break that great big honking nose of Sam’s. Telling him that was shady? Yeah maybe it was but didn’t Sam realize what that did to his brother? How it must have tore him up?

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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