Rock the Love Vote: THE SIMPSONS Fans Get to Play Cupid

Okay, SIMPSONS fans, the future of Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer) and Edna Krabappel’s (Marcia Wallace) impending romance (otherwise known as Nedna) will soon be in your hands. FOX has announced that following the all-new “The Ned-liest Catch” season finale episode of The Simpsons this Sunday, May 22, fans can decide the future of “Nedna” at by voting “Pro Nedna” or “No Nedna.”

All summer, “I’m Pro Nedna” and “I’m No Nedna” wallpaper, videos, Twitter badges and Facebook icons will be available for fans to download and post. After the fan voting ends in August, results will be revealed during the Season 23 premiere airing this fall on FOX. Use your power wisely.

In “The Ned-liest Catch,” feeling guilty for getting Ms. Krabappel suspended after one of his school pranks, Bart (Nancy Cartwright) helps her escape detention, and Ned Flanders winds up saving her life in the process. When Edna and Ned start dating, he is surprised to learn she’s been with many of Springfield’s men, including Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer (guest-voicing as himself).

Is Nedna something you’ll vote about? Can you imagine if FOX had tried this with House and Cuddy after last season’s HOUSE finale? I think it might have broken the internet.

The Simpsons airs on FOX Sundays at 8pm eastern/7 central. Be sure to watch the season finale May 22.