PARKS AND RECREATION “The Bubble/Li’l Sebastian” (Season Finale) Review

Parks and Recreation

PARKS AND RECREATION “The Bubble/Ll’l Sebastian” Season 3 Episode 15 & 16 (Season Finale) – Okay, PARKS AND RECREATION needs to be on all the time, am I right? The First episode of this season finale was titled “The Bubble” and focused a lot of Leslie and Ben’s relationship. Their sneaking around to get away from Chris’ “no inner office dating” rule was hilarious.

Aside from the hidden relationship, Chris’ new plan to send Tom to the fourth floor with Andy was hilarious. I’m not a huge fan of Tom, but his outrage at having to work in the records department was FANTASTIC. Andy is probably my favorite, so I don’t feel that I need to reiterate how funny he is.

Ron’s swivel desk, Donna’s spaceship keyboard, and April being assistiant to everyone was just icing on the cake. I have not one bad thing to say about the first half of this finale.

Now, let’s move onto the second part of the Parks and Recreation finale: “Li’l Sebastian”. RIP Li’l Sebastian. His death brings the entire department together and shows us a side of Ron that I don’t know we’ve ever seen before. He was so devestated at the death of the tiny horse that the flag at half mast wasn’t even good enough as far as Ron was concerned.

The tribute to Li’l Sebastian was something that would only be funny on Parks and Recreation. The way that the Pawnee residents love that little horse is the heart of the show; it shows how crazy the town is, but how well the crazy works on this show.

The crazy is what makes it funny.

My favorite parts:

  • 5,000 Candles In the Wind
  • Ron burning off his facial hair
  • Tom turning in his resignition
  • Leslie’s running for office
  • Tammy 2 being afraid of Tammy 1
  • I love Parks and Recreation and feel that this was a strong finale. It left us with questions and cliffhangers, but also gave us enough laughs to sustain for the off season.

    Here’s to more Parks and Recreation next fall!!

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