V’s Joel Gretsch Out of Hiding on IN PLAIN SIGHT

Former The 4400 star Joel Gretsch is headed back to the USA network, if only for one night. AOL TV reports that the V actor will guest star on an upcoming episode of IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Gretsch will play JAG Corps attorney Major Lucas Provo in the July 10 episode entitled “Provo-cation.” The unflappable and hard to read Provo assists Mary (Mary McCormack) and Marshall (Frederick Weller) with a decorated war veteran who harbors a dark secret and who happens to be their latest witness. Provo and Mary disagree over the best tack to take with the witness and despite Mary feeling unromantic due to her advanced pregnancy, a spark flares between them.

Gretsch played Father Jack Landry on the recently cancelled V and Tom Baldwin on The 4400. He has recently guest starred in shows including United States of Tara and Burn Notice.

What do you think about Gretsch bringing some heat to In Plain Sight?

In Plain Sight airs on USA Sundays at 10pm eastern/9 central.