SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: Season 6 Finale Predictions

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Well, SUPERNATUAL fans, we’re down to the final two of Season 6! How do you feel about that? Regardless if you’ve been on board with this season from the beginning or if you finally embraced it at mid-season hellatius, Season 6 is drawing to a close tomorrow and holy cats is there a lot that has happened!!

Let’s recap. And when I say recap, I’m taking for granted that everyone reading this has seen season 6 and can fill in some of the less important blanks. If I attempt to recap the entire season, this will be a 500 page dissertation on Supernatural. Which, I MAY write in the future, but not right now.

That being said – ONWARD!


Exile on main street

Season 6 starts with Dean living happily (sort of) with Ben and Lisa. He’s done with hunting, but still sleeps with a shotgun a holy water under his bed (hence the sort of). He’s made friends, he’s working as a 9-5 job. and then things start happening.

Eventually we find out that he’s being tracked by a djinn. Who do we find this out from? None other than Sam! Yayyyyy! Sam’s back. Wait – Sam’s back . along with dead grandpa Campbell. So. we’re lead to believe that whomever pulled Sam out of hell also brought back the boys maternal father. Okay, cool.

What isn’t cool is when we find out that Sam has been alive for over a year, hasn’t contacted Dean, and isn’t really Sam like. We also don’t know who the heck brought Sam back and what they want with him. but it’s obvious that he’s not all there.

The Campbell’s (especially Samuel [not to be confused with Sam]) are also a little shady, and we find out later (I’m not doing this in order, sue me) that they’ve been collecting “alphas” for an unknown person. “Alphas” meaning the very first of a species. Why do they want these? We’re not sure.

Meanwhile, Sam let’s Dean get turned into a vampire (long story, watch Live Free or Twihard for full explanation), but with Samuel’s help Dean has a way to become Dean again. He just needs the blood of the vamp that killed him. Eventually he infiltrates the nest and gets the blood, but in the meantime finds out that the vampires are all linked through the mind of the alpha. (Could be why Sam wanted him turned into a vamp? To get more info?)

Dean finally figures something is wrong with Sam and calls on Castiel to help him out. Cas arrives examines Sam and comes back with some disturbing news. Sam doesn’t have a soul. So on top of leaving Ben and Lisa, Dean has to deal with his soulless brother.

And, let’s be honest Supernatural fans, soulless Sam (while SMOKIN’ HOT < end fangirl moment >) is not someone that you want to run into in a dark (or brightly lit) alleyway. After making an agreement with Crowley to bring him alphas, the demon decides to help Dean get Sam’s soul back.

Meanwhile, on the angel front, we find out that Castiel is fighting a civil war in heaven against Raphael, and things aren’t going great. Cas isn’t around for Dean’s every beck and call anymore, and it’s obvious something has changed within him, too. Turns out that weapons from heaven are going missing all over the place, and no one really knows where to find them or who is responsible for the disappearance.

Enter another angel – Balthazar. He’ll come into play later.

Okay, so after working with Crowley and being double crossed by their grandfather (turns out he was working for Crowley as well to bring Mary back), the boys (with Cas’ help) have the demon’s remains and threaten to torch them if he doesn’t help with the “Sam-is-soulless” situation.

Turns out Crowley can’t, so they burn his bones. and it’s bye bye Crowley. Oh! Also turns out that Crowley wanted all of the alphas so he could find out where purgatory was and open it – something to do with harvesting all of the souls that reside there. (I’m being blasé about that as it didn’t seem important at the time)

Okay, are we all still here? A lot happened this season in Supernatural, and I’m afraid I’ll miss something. If I do, comment below!

All rested and ready to keep moving? Good!

appointment in samarra

Since Crowley fell through with Sam’s soul, Dean finds Death (yep, the horseman) and wants him to put Sam’s soul back. Death decides to, and against Cas’ warnings, Death’s warnings, and Sam’s screams of “no”, Death shoves Sam’s soul back into his body.

Doesn’t seem to matter much that if he pushes to hard against the “wall” that Death put up he will, well, go insane. Apparently after your soul is tortured by Lucifer and Michael in hell, it isn’t overly pleasant. And remembering won’t lead to good things.

After some time when it doesn’t seem like Sam’s going to go all crazy on the world, the boys go back to hunting. Until Balthazar appears and launches the boys into a crazy world in one of the fandom’s favorite episodes – The French Mistake.

Balthazar did have a reason for this alternate world – to save the weapons of Heaven from Raphael’s hench.angel. The mission was successful, but it opened a few questions about Cas. and now that he has the weapons, what is he going to do with them?

But no time for that now.


like a virgin

The Mother of All has risen and Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas really have no idea what to do about her, or what exactly she’s around for. Awesome, right? After flying back to the Wild West to get the ashes of a phoenix (which will help kill the mother of all), the boys (all four of them) find Eve.

They also find her hybrid species of wraith mixed with vampire – which turns out to be problematic. Eventually, they defeat Eve, but learn something sort of disturbing.

Crowley isn’t dead and Castiel is working with him. Now, the boys don’t know to the extent that Cas is working with Crowley, but we as the audience do. Cas? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

So right now, a day before the two part season finale of Season we sit. wondering what will happen with the Winchesters, Crowley, Cas, and the world!

I hope the long winded recap makes some semblance of sense. there’s a lot of Supernatural to cram into one article!

Moki and I have complied our theories (broken out by character, it was easier), and would like to share them with you.

I’m going to start with Sam (shocking, I know).



Okay, so the biggest thing that we have to discuss about Sam would be this wall that Death put up crashing down. Since the episode title of the second part of the finale is The Man Who Knew too Much, it leads me to think that this will focus primarily on Sam’s well being.

Because, let’s face it, if Sam is a drooling pile of mess on the floor, this not only effects Sam, but Dean and Cas as well. (see their character breakouts)

Personally, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen with Sam. Think about in Unforgiven when he remembered just a LITTLE bit of hell and ended up a twitching mess on the floor. Anything that can drop a 6’5″ HIGHLY muscled dude like that is bad news. And that was just a LITTLE piece of hell. If this wall crumbles? Bad, BAD times will ensue.

I’m also thinking that Crowley has a hand to play in Sam’s wall falling. With Sam out for the count, this leaves dean vulnerable, and Castiel without his friends.

Moki says:

Most people I’ve talked to have no doubts that Sam’s wall is coming down and all of his memories of Hell are going to return. One theory I have is that this will not be an accident, but will be brought on either by the angels or the demons. I believe that if Cas asks the boys for help and backs out of his deal, someone will retaliate by tearing down Sam’s wall. The purpose of it will be two-fold, first it will take Sam out of the fight (as he should probably end up a drooling mess on the floor, judging by what happened the last time that wall faltered) and secondly it may serve to take Dean and/or Bobby out of the fight as well, as they will distracted and will of course want to take care of him.


you can't handle the truth

I feel for Dean in this finale since I think he’s screwed either way. He’s been betrayed by Cas, and doesn’t know if he should help him, smite him, or just walk away. That’s only one side.

On the other side, he’s going to have to deal with Sam’s soul crashing back on him, which won’t be pretty. And we know that when the chips are down, Dean will do anything to protect/save his brother, which will lead to him not being able to focus 100% on Cas’ issues, which, if this war happens in heaven, will be HUGE.

Not only will his loyalty be called into play from Cas, I don’t know that Dean has any idea HOW to deal with Sam’s issue, and we all know Dean likes to fire first and ask questions later when he’s upset. so I foresee Dean being left with the hardest challenge in the finale.

Moki says:

My theories for Dean is that he will be the reason Cas may decide to back out on his deal. Dean told Cas that he should have asked them for help in the first place. So I think that Cas could swallow his pride and finally ask. With both demons and angels after him, both sides will do whatever they can to try and take that help away. I think that they will look for ways to hurt Dean (by hurting those he loves like Lisa and Ben), as well as Sam and Bobby.


weekend at bobbys

Bobby just wants to help his boys. He’s given up his soul twice for them, and I think that he will keep on trying to help no matter what regardless of the consequences. I don’t have a lot of theories on Bobby other than he’s going to be affected by everyone else’s choices.

Moki says:

Unlike last season where Bobby was instrumental near the end by making his deal with Crowley, I don’t necessarily see him having as much of a direct influence on what will happen this season. However, I do think that he will be his usual helpful self and assist the boys and possibly Cas (depending on if they are all working together at that point) with whatever plans they have. He will provide counsel and those vital pieces of information that he’s famous for, as well as toss in a few “idjits” here and there.


the man who would be king

Oh, Castiel. I’m not even sure where to start here. I think that Cas is in WAY over his head, and he’s just realizing how screwed he really is. He’s working with a demon, which in itself isn’t something that angels do, but this demon is a BAD ASS demon.

Trying to go back on a deal from Crowley won’t end well. I think that Cas is having second thoughts (as show in The Man Who Would be King), and just wants some guidance. Without this, he’s doubting his choices, but it’s too late. He needs to see this plan through and defeat Raphael.

I think that he will go through with his plan, do what it takes to get Raphael out of heaven, and then try to help the Winchesters, if they still need/want his help. But I think Cas is going to take a selfish stand for heaven this time, and put himself first.

Good for Cas.

Moki says:

We all agree that Cas is on the wrong path and that it is going to end badly, but what does that mean exactly? Well, one theory I have is that Cas is going to decide at the last second that what he is doing is wrong and will try to back down on his deal, or maybe Dean will simply succeed in convincing him that it is wrong. Either way, I believe that this could cause Cas to lose the threat of power he had over Raphael as well as making his own followers wonder if they are backing the wrong side. He will see the angels turns against him, and by backing out of the deal, he will of course see loads of demon hatred as well. I think Cas will then find himself hunted by both sides.


I guess we’ll see tomorrow, guys!! There’s so much speculation and “what if” and “if this happens, what happens here”. that it could go on for DAYS.

What do you think Supernatural fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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