CRIMINAL MINDS “Supply & Demand” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS “Supply & Demand” Season 6 Episode 24 – This week what seems like a tragic car crash soon turns into a link to a heinous sex trading ring. The team are called in to investigate and soon find themselves dealing with a young agent missing, last scene undercover for one year investigating the sex trade. Meanwhile, Hotch lets the team know that the big guns are looking over some finances and wants everyone to know that they can change divisions if they want to, or not. Garcia has a sort of mini-crisis with her beau and JJ returns. Sorta.

This being the finale, and this being a show which has used previous finales to blow up extra characters and write a message on a wall with an agents’ own blood, it was a surprisingly low key affair. There were no serial killers targeting the BAU members. There were no explosions. Really there were no life-or-death situations at all, and I have to give props to the writers for not feeling like they had to mark the finale with a bang, but I kind of wish they did.

There was no suspense in these last few episodes of Criminal Minds, and the Prentiss arc was just really terrible, so I was kind of hoping to watch something I could get excited over: the characters really had nothing amiss in their lives, the case was really just a run of the mill case, the faux job crisis held no suspense at all. It’s not that I needed to see big explosions or a gunfight, I just wanted to be reminded why I cared about these characters.

That being said, the personal crisis of the team members was really strange. What exactly were the stakes? Hotch warned them that they might get a call seeing if they wanted to move.but everyone seemed content, unless they writers are going to skip forward in time come the fall premiere and we’ll find out that Agent Seaver has moved to the Chicago office.

Garcia’s beau wants her to move to the countryside, and I loved that she looks at a beautiful landscape and things: “secluded, perfect for sadistic serial killer.” Its what I imagine real FBI agents might think every time they see a white van drive by.

It was a pretty lacklustre episode for a bipolar season which has had some of the best Criminal Minds episodes ever (“Into The Woods”, “The Thirteenth Step”) and some of its worst (hello Prentiss arc, and one the most insulting, misogynistic, sadism-glorifying episodes of television I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing, “Middle Man”).

Regarding JJ’s return.okay. They really should never have gotten rid of her in the first place, so what, do they expect a pat on the back now? It’s like rewinding time back to season five and ignoring the mistakes of this season.

Well, we’ll see how season seven turns out. This was a fine episode for a decent show. I think I’ll end this review with a yawn.

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