BONES “The Change in the Game” (Season Finale) Review

BONES (FOX) The Change in the Game

BONES “The Change in the Game” Season 6 Episode 23 (Season Finale) – First up, big oops on my part for somehow getting confused and thinking that last week’s episode was the finale. Don’t know how I messed that one up, but I did. So now let me talk about the real finale.

As I watched this ep, I kept thinking that last week’s episode certainly felt more like a finale than this one. Other than Angela and Hodgins’ baby being born, it was coming off like just your regular episode of Bones. Whereas last week’s episode, with the death of Vincent and Booth’s hunt for Broadsky, had me in tears and gasping, I kept thinking how odd it was that this one was just mostly cute and funny. Bones’ dad comes back; she and Booth dress up in silly costumes and spend the entire episode under cover. What was up with that? I wondered.

Well they sure managed to pull the wool over my eyes. In the final ten seconds we get a shock bigger than anything I imagined. Brennan is pregnant, with Booth’s child. I guess that answers the questions from last week about what happened between those two after she went to his room. I knew that Brennan seemed to be acting a little odd about the birth of Angela and Hodgins’ baby and I guess I can’t blame her. Sure Booth was excited when she told him, but does this mean that they are going to make a go of being together? How in the world will Brennan adjust her life for a baby? I guess we’ll all just have to tune in next season to find out.

My favorite bits..

“I don’t have too! I’m the birthday boy!” – I am so using the “birthday girl” excuse on my next birthday to do whatever I want.

“I’ll behave! I’ll behave! I’ll behave!” – LOL

Bones pointing out logically that every day that Angela says she’s gonna have her baby, her chances of being right increase. Very true.

Bones not getting that people snuck people behind the pins to have a whole different kind of snacks.

Thinking that “Meat Puppet Puzzle” sounds like a cool band name or something.

“Ritualize offering to the sun”? Really guys? They couldn’t spot that they were making bowling motions?

“Maybe we should take a long ride on a bumpy road.” “How’s that any different from sex?”

Totally knowing what Max meant when he said he got injured in an embarrassing physical event. Ha, so that’s what they’re calling it these days?

Max asking if Booth and Bones were having a fight, because they were being too nice to each other.

That hair. I seriously didn’t know where to look – at Booth’s mullet or Bones’ scary perm.

Bones calling Booth “Muffin.”

Anyone else think of shaking money out of a piggy bank when Wendell shook the bones out of the skull?

That ridiculous dance that Booth did.

That chick flirting with Bones.

The look Max gave Booth after he and Bones shared a little cuddle as part of their cover.

Hodgins being calm about the whole labor thing until she panicked for him.

Admiring Angela and Hodgins for simultaneously solving a murder and solving a murder. Especially Angela. Wow.

“Daddy must’ve been a baker, cuz that’s a great set o’buns.” – Ha!

Cracking up at the way that Hodgins screamed louder than Angela when she grabbed him.

Wendell and Cam running across a very interesting video on the Angela-tron.

I’m with Max. That guy was totally gonna run.

Angela telling Hodgins that his voice was like hot tea and honey and him replying how soft her skin was. Aw, so sweet!

A boy! Yay! A little mini Hodgins! And he’s perfect. I knew he would be. Sure, he looked more like a 3 month-old than a newborn, but whatever, he was darn cute. LOL.

Saying “NO!” out loud about three seconds before Bones said she was pregnant. Somehow, I knew it, I just freaking knew it. WOW!!

The smile that broke across Booth’s face when he found out Bones was carrying his kid.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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