AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Season Finale” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Season Finale” Cycle 16 Episode 12 – Well, this cycle of American’s Next Top Model certainly had its fair share of drama, and without a clear frontrunner (unlike Cycle 15’s Ann) there was a measure of excitement going into this finale. Who would win, Molly or Brittani? The girl with attitude or the girl with personality? The girl who takes the best photos or the girl with the best walk on the runway? The girl who was adopted or the girl who lives in a trailer? The girl with experience, or the girl with natural talent?

The CoverGirl commercial was, in the end, ably handled by both models. “Ably handled” is not a phrase I would use when describing an exciting challenge, and unfortunately it turned out to be a pretty unexciting episode. Molly and Brittani are neck in neck in terms of talent, and with only two girls left neither of them wanted to end the run of Top Model with a catfight. (If only it had been Brittani and Alexandria).

Molly figured she didn’t do so well in the commercial (but she knows how to read a teleprompter, which has not always been the case on Top Model) and that let her down in the Vogue Italia photoshoot, with Brittani gleefully charging ahead through Molly’s frustration.

Things soured for Brittani at the house, when Molly’s parents showed up, cheering her up immensely and Brittani’s mother…greeted her via Skype. I know how manipulative Top Model is editing wise, but I’ll admit to feeling-dare I say it-a pang of emotion for Brittani, who looked very sad and lonely and resigned to the fact that her mother-who suffers from an anxiety disorder and recently had back surgery-couldn’t make it, especially since seeing how greatly Molly’s parents changed her mood.

Their help couldn’t have come at a better time. With the runway challenge, Brittani is killing it-until she laughs when posing in a sex position with Molly and body slams a wall. Oops.

At panel the judges decide who is America’s Next Top Model, and after going through their entire body of work, the judges make a decision and announce America’s Next Top Model:

It’s Brittani, bitch.

Tyra gives Molly the standard runner-up pep talk, and then celebrates Brittani’s win with a cheesy voiceover and a “fierce” walk. Damn girl! (that was me, doing Tyra. Yeah, I’ll stop that.)

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